Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2015 – Up to 75% Off!

Welcome to the 2015 edition of our Black Friday hosting discounts and specials! We’re extremely happy to offer these fantastic discounts once again this year to celebrate our customers favorite shopping holiday, Black Friday! This year, just like years past, we’ll be offering large one time (up to 75% off!) and recurring discounts on our shared, reseller, semi-dedicated and VPS hosting plans.

2015 Black Friday Hosting Specials

2015 Black Friday Hosting Specials

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New Client Area Theme and Layout!

Our client area just got a face lift! The new theme and layout is fully responsive, 100% mobile friendly, cleaner, and easier to navigate. You can now manage your billing, support, cPanel and more from right through the client area!

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Hosting Package Changes: Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth

For nearly two years now we’ve offered unlimited bandwidth on our shared and semi-dedicated hosting packages, and the customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The success of those plans, combined with recent network upgrades and expansions, has led to this exciting announcement: effective immediately, all new reseller hosting packages will also include unlimited bandwidth!

But that’s not all we’re changing! As part of our continued efforts to provide customers with the most competitive hosting available, we’ll be introducing new shared and semi-dedicated plans that include both unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space!

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WordPress Performance & Optimization Tips

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is “How do I speed up my website?”. A large majority of these customers rely on WordPress to power their websites. As many of you are aware, WordPress is an extremely flexible platform, able to power sites ranging from a personal blog to a high traffic e-commerce website. Whether you’re running a hobby site or a business it’s important to keep your site tuned up and performing as fast as possible.
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PHP 7 Now Available on All Hosting Plans

If you have not been following PHP development recently PHP 7 is fast approaching with the first beta having been released just over a month ago.  As is tradition here at Hawk Host we’re always pushing the envelope when it comes to shared web hosting.  That is why as of today we officially support PHP 7 even though it’s currently beta.

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Flash Sale! $5 Domain Names and 40% Recurring Hosting Discounts!

It’s time for a flash sale! For the next 72 hours we’ll be offering discounts on all of our hosting services and domain registrations! Whether you need a new shared hosting plan or a new domain this sale has something for you.

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Super Charge WordPress With Litespeed Cache

We recently enabled the ability to utilize Litespeed’s caching functionality which some of our user base has already started taking advantage of.  For the users who have not started utilizing it I’m going to quickly describe it and provide the benefits of it.

The Litespeed cache works similar to that of Apache’s mod_cache while providing the performance of the popular Varnish reverse proxy.  Unlike Varnish however you do not need to deal with the complications of a reverse proxy.  All you need to do in order to enable caching is just add a few mod_rewrite rules to your .htaccess file and you’ll be utilizing it. Continue reading

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Semi-Dedicated Hosting Plans Now Available in Washington DC

Thanks to your feedback and requests we’ve officially launched our semi-dedicated hosting packages in Washington DC! Meant for higher resource and higher traffic sites, our semi-dedicated plans are built to perform. Compared to a normal shared hosting plan our semi-dedicated packages offer twice as much CPU, memory, and MySQL connections, along with a higher outbound email limit and daily off-site backups taken twice per day. Like all of our other plans these are SSD powered servers with the newest high performance processors and 32GB of memory. Needless to say if you need a high performance environment our semi-dedicated plans are right for you.

To celebrate this new location launch we’re offering a 48 hour sale for all new semi-dedicated orders in Washington DC.

Washington DC Semi-Dedicated Hosting Sale

35% recurring discount on any semi-dedicated hosting plan, on any billing term, using coupon code sdwdc15

Order Now!

This coupon is only valid on new orders in our Washington DC location and cannot be applied to any existing accounts (upgrades, renewals). You can order as many new hosting packages as you’d like, there is *no limit* on how many new orders you can place with this coupon. This promotion will be valid from now until 11:59PM CST on Sunday, July 19th.

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Network Upgrades in Los Angeles Datacenter

For customers based in Asia and using our Los Angeles webhosting we have good news for you! We’re extremely happy to announce that our network provider in Los Angeles has reached an agreement with China Telecom to begin providing direct connectivity from their customers to our Los Angeles datacenter. As China’s largest ISP, this is a massive improvement in terms of both capacity and routing for all users on our network. This is a significant upgrade to our already robust trans-Pacific network and customers should begin seeing optimized routing, reduced latency, and fewer issues related to congestion at peak traffic hours. What this ultimately means is faster connectivity to your web sites, not only for you but for all your visitors and traffic from Asia, specifically mainland China.

For more information about our Los Angeles network, please see our network page. You can find test IPs, speedtests, and whole host of other information about not only our network but our hosting plans and services. Our Los Angeles datacenter currently offers shared, reseller, and semi-dedicated hosting plans.

If you’re interested in our hosting services please contact our sales team today. We’d love to see you as a customer! :)

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HTTP/2 & More Now Available at Hawk Host via Litespeed 5.0

We’re proud to announce it is now official we’re running Litespeed 5 on all our servers and will not be going back to an older version of the software.  We’ve been testing 5.0 before its release and upon its official stable release we had started our roll out to a larger amount of our users.  We spent nearly a month working with the Litespeed team as we uncovered bugs in our environment and they quickly fixed them.  We’re now confident that Litespeed 5 is here to stay at Hawk Host and it’s time for all our users to know so they can take advantage of the many new features.

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