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Installing OctoberCMS at Hawk Host

OctoberCMS is an exciting new CMS software developed using the Laravel framework.  It’s always been possible to run Laravel on our cPanel hosting and we’ve even written a post about how to install it on our shared web hosting.  OctoberCMS … Continue reading

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Multivariate Testing

**WARNING** The formatting on this post is lackluster – once again who am I to fight against the ways of WordPress? Hopefully the point / useful information gets across. I haven’t checked the spelling in this post either – so … Continue reading

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Lets Go PHP5

I felt it was time to just come out and say it. It’s time every Hawk Host customers goes PHP5 and that will happen by default starting February 1st. PHP5 includes lots of great improvements which are not compatible with … Continue reading

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Improve Apache Start Speed on cPanel Servers

cPanel recently made the switch to a new Apache system which improved the maintainability of the system easier however did increase the overhead quite significantly. As a result restarting say apache when you add a domain can take quite a … Continue reading

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Apache 2.2.6 + PHP4 suPHP + PHP5 suPHP

This afternoon we were forced to make an early upgrade on one of our servers to Apache 2.2.6 with the suPHP setup due to memory leak issues relating to Apache and PHP 4.4.7 DSO. We’ve been testing this setup … Continue reading

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How I enabled PHP5 Soap in Just a Few Clicks

Recently we had a customer request soap be enabled for our PHP5 configuration.  At first I was thinking why isn’t it enabled in the first place there must be a good reason.  It turns out there was in fact no … Continue reading

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