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Introducing Git Version Control

We recently upgraded all our web hosting servers to cPanel 72 which has brought many improvements and new features. One of the more exciting and much requested features is Git support. Git is a free and open source distributed version … Continue reading

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Introducing Updated Let’s Encrypt / AutoSSL Feature

We introduced the ability to issue Let’s Encrypt certificates in February 2016 and since then this feature has been heavily used.  The idea though that you’d have to individually issue each certificate was not particularly user friendly.  Fortunately cPanel introduced … Continue reading

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cPanel Two Factor Authentication Now Available

We’re happy to announce that all our servers now support the ability to utilize two-factor authentication within cPanel.  Two factor authentication (2FA) adds an additional level of security where in not only your password is required but an additional code … Continue reading

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An Introduction to cPanels New Site Publisher

With the release of cPanel version 56 comes a new feature titled ‘Site Publisher’. While the name is a bit vague using the software is anything but that. In short, the site publisher is a remarkably easy to use “editor” … Continue reading

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WHM 11.40.0 + EL6 + Issues installing Ruby

This is just a brief post that hopefully helps some people so they don’t start banging their head on their keyboard. As of recently a bunch of OpenSSL* package updates have been released for *EL6 (RHEL, CloudLinux, etc) which is … Continue reading

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cPanel with PowerDNS – Avoiding BIND CPU issues and woes

The most popular name server is ISCs BIND. It’s been the market leader in name servers since the very beginning and has proven to be a reliable workhorse with robust features and reliable updates. It also has some issues that … Continue reading

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cPanel 11.25 – We’re stable baby

In case you missed our recent announcement in the forums we’re now upgrading all of our cPanel versions to 11.25 as it’s recently been moved out of testing phase into stable. This is highly anticipated release as it adds a … Continue reading

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Roundcube Webmail

Well Tony pointed me to this Bugzilla ticket regarding cPanel integrating RoundCube Webmail into cPanel.. and my golly they finally did it. In case you don’t know what RoundCube is it’s a browser based webmail client (IMAP) that is all … Continue reading

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Improve Apache Start Speed on cPanel Servers

cPanel recently made the switch to a new Apache system which improved the maintainability of the system easier however did increase the overhead quite significantly. As a result restarting say apache when you add a domain can take quite a … Continue reading

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Installing Ruby on Rails on cPanel

After my last post about Ruby on Rails we’ve gotten a view inquiries about exactly how you install Ruby on Rails through cPanel these days. So I figured a quick post with the steps required to run through the install … Continue reading

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