The Year in Review: Hawk Host in 2017

Hello, 2018! As we ring in the new year we wanted to take a moment and look back at what happened here at Hawk Host in 2017. We announced new locations, introduced new features, and continued our never ending work to build out a reliable, secure, and high performing hosting infrastructure.

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Happy Holidays Everyone! Let’s Celebrate With A Sale!

Happy Holidays to all our Hawk Host friends! We hope everyone is having a great holiday season celebrating with family and loved ones, and staying safe of course! We’re going to close out the year on a great note and have a huge blowout sale to celebrate Christmas, Boxing Day (it’s a Canadian thing), and the upcoming New Years! You can save up to 70% on a new hosting order using the coupons below!

Happy Holidays Friends!

Happy Holidays Friends!

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A Closer Look Into Our Washington DC to New York City Migrations

If you’re a shared, reseller, or semi-dedicated customer hosted in our Washington DC datacenter you’ve probably received an email about an upcoming migration to our new New York City facility. If you haven’t yet received the email yet don’t worry, one will be coming soon enough, just in time for the holidays! This post will provide a bit more insight on what’s going on and what you need to do to keep your sites online through the migration.

Our New Home!

Our New York City Home!

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2017 Cyber Monday Sales! Sign up and Save 70% on Your New Order!

If you missed our Black Friday sales don’t worry, Cyber Monday is here for you! You can take advantage of the same discounts so it’s not too late to save up to 70% on your new hosting order!

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Our Black Friday Sale is Live! Sign Up and Save 70%!

Our 2017 Black Friday sale is officially live! Sign up now for any new shared, reseller, semi-dedicated, or VPS hosting plan and receive up to a 70% discount when using our Black Friday coupons listed below!

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2017 Black Friday Hosting Discounts! Save up to 70%!

Welcome back everyone! It’s what you’ve all been waiting for, the 2017 edition of Hawk Hosts Black Friday sales! Our Black Friday event is our biggest sale of the year and this years sale is no different, you can save up to 70% on your new hosting order!

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Introducing Updated Let’s Encrypt / AutoSSL Feature

We introduced the ability to issue Let’s Encrypt certificates in February 2016 and since then this feature has been heavily used.  The idea though that you’d have to individually issue each certificate was not particularly user friendly.  Fortunately cPanel introduced the ability to automatically issue certificates and upon announcing our Let’s Encrypt sponsorship we started automatically issuing Let’s Encrypt certificates.  We kept both ways to handle Let’s Encrypt certificates available but finally we are saying good bye to our legacy interface. Continue reading

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MySQL Now Powered by MariaDB 10.1

cPanel has supported MariaDB 10.1 for some time making it possible for us to upgrade.  We have many VPS users utilizing MariaDB 10.1 due to how easy it is to switch to it.  For us however we attempt to maintain compatibility with a larger amount of software and deployments of customer sites that could be over 10 years old!  I am happy to say though our team worked diligently and we’ve completed our upgrades from MariaDB 10.0 to 10.1. Continue reading

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Amsterdam Flash Sale! 50% Recurring Discount on All New Shared & VPS Orders!

Surprise, it’s an Amsterdam flash sale! Sign up for any new shared or VPS hosting plan in our Amsterdam datacenter using coupon code “amsflash1017” and you’ll receive a 50% recurring lifetime discount. That discount is valid for the life of the service, and will also be applied to any future upgrades you perform, so this is a great chance to get an affordable hosting plan based in Amsterdam!

This flash sale is valid for our Amsterdam datacenter only. New orders placed with this coupon requesting a location other than Amsterdam will be left pending and you’ll be contacted by our sales team via support ticket.

This sale will only be available through 11:59 PM CST 10/26/2017, so make sure you sign up for your new plan before it’s too late!

50% recurring discount on any new shared hosting order in our Amsterdam location when using coupon code “amsflash1017”
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50% recurring discount on any new VPS hosting order in our Amsterdam location when using coupon code “amsflash1017”
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Introducing cPanel Application Manager (Redis Support)

On December 31st 2015 we introduced the ability to launch memcached servers from accounts.  We had added this due to popular demand for the ability to easily start a memcached server.  Since then we have seen inquiries to add the ability to launch Redis and we’ve seen other similar applications on accounts as well.  This lead to us taking a step back and looking at a more complete solution and applying what we had learned about how our memcached feature was being used.  I’m happy to introduce a much more complete solution our Application Manager (Server Application Manager in your cPanel). Continue reading

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