Your Hosting Accounts Security at Hawk Host

People often question whether or not shared hosting can actually be secure. The concept of sharing a server with other users, while some of those users may be malicious, is a scary concept to people. Over the years we have continually taken steps to not only alleviate those concerns by talking to clients but we’ve also invested in security and technology upgrades that make our shared hosting as secure as it can be.

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Introducing cPanel 66

We’re happy to announce the latest version of cPanel version 66 is now available on all our shared, semi dedicated and reseller hosting services.  As always each version of cPanel brings with it numerous fixes, performance improvements and features and this version is no different.

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Help! My WordPress Site is Slow! Can’t You Fix It!?

Perhaps the most dreaded discovery for any webmaster is finding out your website just isn’t as fast as it used to be, or in your eyes, as fast as it should be. All too often webmasters and site owners fall into the trap of thinking their software can scale indefinitely without any optimizations and without being mindful of the plugins, themes, or addons you’re installing. This is a particularly common problem with WordPress and as a result we’ve found a few basic debugging steps can go a long way in finding out where your sites bottlenecks are and how to fix them.

Is your website a tortoise or hare?

Is your website a tortoise or hare?

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Quickly and Easily Deploy a Ruby or Python Application

We’re happy to announce that we now support the ability to deploy applications using various versions of Ruby and Python.  Our ability to support these new features is thanks to the recent introduction of mod_passenger support on Litespeed.  Of course with Litespeed it always includes numerous performance improvements over other implementations so that your application can be just that much faster. Continue reading

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Hawk Host July 2017 Discounts

We’re constantly running promotions on our site.  We thought though it be a great time to highlight some of the great discounts we’re offering for the month of July.  We’re currently offering anywhere between 25% and 30% depending on the hosting package.  We also have many domain extensions for sale at as low as $1.50 for the first year. Continue reading

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Introducing Imunify360 – Enhanced Website & System Security

We’re happy to announce we’ve just finished deployment of Imunify360 to all our shared, reseller and semi dedicated hosting servers.  Imunify360 is the latest innovative software by CloudLinux that enhances security significantly for linux web servers.  It brings many tools for our system administrators but also significant improvements to the potential security of all accounts on our servers.  It introduces an advanced firewall, smart intrusion detection system, malware scanning and has many other great features planned.

Malware Detected! Attack!

Malware Detected! Attack!

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VPS Hosting & Cloudflare Railgun Now Available in Amsterdam!

Today’s announcement brings two very exciting improvements to our Amsterdam datacenter. Not only are we now offering our VPS hosting plans in Amsterdam but we also enabled Cloudflares Railgun network optimizer! These changes are a direct result of customer requests and feedback from what you wanted to see us offer.

I Amsterdam Indeed

I Amsterdam Indeed

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What’s New at Hawk Host June 2017

We’re been a bit quiet lately but we’re still working behind on the scenes on many great new features and improvements to our services here at Hawk Host.  Here’s just a quick run down of a few features that have recently became available to everyone.

Web Server mod_geoip Support

All of our servers now support mod_geoip which can allow you to make changes to your web site depending on the location of your users.  For example if you wanted to have all your users in the United States and Canada go to a different folder it be as easy as this:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L]

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Cloudflare Memory Leak Disclosure and Impact

As many of you are aware a recent Cloudflare memory leak was reported. This exploit resulted in sensitive encrypted data being viewable in plaintext primarily through major search engine caches but potentially in realtime as well. As of this posting the exploit has been fixed and we’re told no further disclosures are occurring.

Hawk Host utilizes Cloudflare services for its own web properties. We have searched extensively for any indication that our customers data was disclosed and have so far found no sign that we were personally affected by this exploit. We have also been told by Cloudflare directly that there is no indication from their side that our websites or properties were involved in the leak. We will continue to ensure this is the case through both our own research and working with Cloudflare and any new information they can provide us.

Despite there being no indication of information disclosure from our websites or properties we strongly recommend all customers change their passwords just to be safe. Please use the following URLs to complete your resets:

Client Area Password Reset URL
Forums Password Reset URL

For additional information regarding this exploit please refer to the following resources:

Official Cloudflare Incident Report
Initial Google Project Zero Issue
Hacker News Discussion

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Introducing cPanel 62

In the past 24 hours our team has been working diligently to deploy cPanel 62 to all our servers and we’re happy to announce this has now been completed.  As always cPanel updates brings new features and various improvements.
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