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Improve Performance with Litespeed Cache WordPress Plugin

In a previous post on our blog we discussed the idea of using the LiteSpeed page caching feature to improve performance of WordPress.  The caching drastically improved the performance of a WordPress installation.  You were able to go from just … Continue reading

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Memcached Now Available on All Hosting Plans!

Good news, everyone! We’re quite pleased to announce all of our hosting plans now offer memcached support. Even better, it’s 100% free! For those unfamiliar, memcached is a general purpose memory caching system. Its primary benefit is to cache your … Continue reading

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cPanel with PowerDNS – Avoiding BIND CPU issues and woes

The most popular name server is ISCs BIND. It’s been the market leader in name servers since the very beginning and has proven to be a reliable workhorse with robust features and reliable updates. It also has some issues that … Continue reading

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WordPress Performance

There was a time when we rarely saw problems with WordPress installations causing performance issues.  That was years ago though, and now things sure have changed. Any issues were mostly a mix of forums with weird modifications, extremely high traffic … Continue reading

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TMUX – The Terminal Multiplexer (Part 2)

In part 1 I went over the basics of tmux and how to utilize its basic features. In this portion I’m going to dive a bit more into customizing tmux to make it easier and prettier to work with. I’ll … Continue reading

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TMUX – The Terminal Multiplexer (Part 1)

tmux is similar to screen as it lets you run numerous TTY’s in the same terminal window. It supports some very cool and intuitive features natively as well as a much more readable configuration syntax (ever looked at a .screenrc … Continue reading

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How to Install and Configure Litespeed for cPanel

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know we run Litespeed and have so for a year now.  I’ve noticed since we’ve been using Litespeed the installation information and tutorials as far as setting it up in a cPanel … Continue reading

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Suspension Pages – The Unforeseen Bane Of Web Hosting

A few months ago we created a custom suspension page for shared accounts that are suspended. Now normally this is pretty straightforward task and you wouldn’t put much thought into it – we didn’t either. So we went ahead and … Continue reading

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Using netcat as an intercepting proxy

A couple of days ago I needed a way to see how a particular client was interacting with a server. Obviously there are numerous ways to do this, but I was curious how easy it would be to implement something … Continue reading

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WordPress Theme Performance

When people are looking for a wordpress theme they very rarely are looking at the performance of it.  The person is looking at how pretty the design is and if it fits their site.  There is however a lot more … Continue reading

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