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TMUX – The Terminal Multiplexer (Part 2)

In part 1 I went over the basics of tmux and how to utilize its basic features. In this portion I’m going to dive a bit more into customizing tmux to make it easier and prettier to work with. I’ll … Continue reading

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Medal of Honor Beta

If you’re a gamer and you haven’t been living under a rock you’d know the new Medal of Honor is coming out October 12th 2010.  Something more right now is the fact the multiplayer beta has started and yours truly … Continue reading

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Suspension Pages – The Unforeseen Bane Of Web Hosting

A few months ago we created a custom suspension page for shared accounts that are suspended. Now normally this is pretty straightforward task and you wouldn’t put much thought into it – we didn’t either. So we went ahead and … Continue reading

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Moderation Is Key

I always believe in moderation when it comes to anything never do anything excessively.  In this case I’m talking about working which is why over the past few weeks I’ve made a point to reduce my hours to more reasonable … Continue reading

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Rebootless kernel updates ahoy! Initial thoughts on Uptrack (Ksplice)

In case you missed it we recently have added Uptrack to all of our machines to take advantage of being able to update the kernels on our machines without having to reboot. This has several implications, though the primary one … Continue reading

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Power of Unlimited

A lot of web hosts and people in general underestimated the power of unlimited hosting to users.  Since we launched Frog Host on the weekend we’ve lost several customers some of which put right in their comment that someone recommended … Continue reading

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Injury Bug

The web hosting season is a long a hard one in fact the season really does not end we’re here 365 days a year.  So there are bound to be some injuries some of which could put staff out 6-8 … Continue reading

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The Maintenance Window

The day started out like every other one with me waking up and starting my walk to the computer while half asleep.  I used to go shower and such like I was going to an office but after a while … Continue reading

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Software Load Balancing & VPS (Part 1, Perlbal)

This is just going to be a quick overview of some common methods of load balancing your web services via software load balancers. This post will have several parts, each covering different software load balancers. This particular part we will … Continue reading

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Multivariate Testing

**WARNING** The formatting on this post is lackluster – once again who am I to fight against the ways of WordPress? Hopefully the point / useful information gets across. I haven’t checked the spelling in this post either – so … Continue reading

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