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Emergency maintenance and why it’s necessary

This is a short rant regarding emergency maintenance. Typically the only time there is unscheduled downtime (or very abruptly scheduled downtime) is because the issue is urgent for one reason or another. For the most part there are only two … Continue reading

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New WordPress Release

There is a new release of WordPress that fixes a issue that allows an attacker to reset the first account in the database (usually the admin account). It doesn’t allow remote access, though can be fairly obnoxious. More Information: … Continue reading

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We want your feedback and suggestions!

Over the past six months we’ve grown quite a bit, and as a result we want feedback from current (and prospective) customers regarding our services. Since we’ve grown significantly we would like to hear from you guys to let us … Continue reading

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Magento Woes (Zend Framework)

As Magento software gets more popular, we’re increasingly running into people who are experiencing errors with our setup. A majority of these are addon issues from Magento Connect and have been addressed via their forums / knowledge base – though … Continue reading

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Software Load Balancing & VPS (Part 1, Perlbal)

This is just going to be a quick overview of some common methods of load balancing your web services via software load balancers. This post will have several parts, each covering different software load balancers. This particular part we will … Continue reading

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What I’ve learned from using Twitter

It’s been a little over a month since we’ve actively been on Twitter (twitting, tweeting, and possibly twatting) and over that time period I’ve learned several things about how Twitter works and how people utilize it. Here are my observations: … Continue reading

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Multivariate Testing

**WARNING** The formatting on this post is lackluster – once again who am I to fight against the ways of WordPress? Hopefully the point / useful information gets across. I haven’t checked the spelling in this post either – so … Continue reading

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We’re not going anywhere, really

You would be surprised at how often this gets brought up to our pre-sales / general inquiries – people are very concerned whether our company (or other prospects) are “going anywhere”. By this I can only assume they mean financially … Continue reading

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RAID !== Backups

This is just a quick rant regarding people who insist on relying on RAID as their sole backup solution. Yes, RAID provides a certain amount of protection via redundancy, which may help save you from a drive failure, but does … Continue reading

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We’re cool too..

We’ve finally decided to break down and setup a Twitter account for Hawk Host. Why? Well actually for several reasons! Besides allowing us to integrate with the new website to add a splash of “freshness” – it will allow you … Continue reading

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