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List of hidden HipChat smilies

We recently started using HipChat internally to help improve communication within the company and to essentially have an intranet type of chat. After playing around with CampFire and toying around with our own XMPP server one of our colleagues mentioned … Continue reading

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Black Friday – Stats & Goodies

As you’re probably already aware we ran a promotion on Black Friday. The response was more than we expected so we thought it may be interesting to see exactly what sort of volume we did that Friday. These statistics will be … Continue reading

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Droid2 – What can this sucker do?

After several instances where my old phone had proven inadequate for my job I finally decided to get a smartphone. I wasn’t sure what to go with so after careful deliberation I opted for the new Droid 2. Coming from … Continue reading

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TMUX – The Terminal Multiplexer (Part 2)

In part 1 I went over the basics of tmux and how to utilize its basic features. In this portion I’m going to dive a bit more into customizing tmux to make it easier and prettier to work with. I’ll … Continue reading

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TMUX – The Terminal Multiplexer (Part 1)

tmux is similar to screen as it lets you run numerous TTY’s in the same terminal window. It supports some very cool and intuitive features natively as well as a much more readable configuration syntax (ever looked at a .screenrc … Continue reading

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Suspension Pages – The Unforeseen Bane Of Web Hosting

A few months ago we created a custom suspension page for shared accounts that are suspended. Now normally this is pretty straightforward task and you wouldn’t put much thought into it – we didn’t either. So we went ahead and … Continue reading

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Multivariate Testing – A Real Life Example

About a year ago I posted a little tutorial / guide on how to get a simple A/B or Multivariate test running using Google Website Optimizer. Unfortunately I never made a follow-up post, though we still use this internally to … Continue reading

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cPanel 11.25 – We’re stable baby

In case you missed our recent announcement in the forums we’re now upgrading all of our cPanel versions to 11.25 as it’s recently been moved out of testing phase into stable. This is highly anticipated release as it adds a … Continue reading

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Rebootless kernel updates ahoy! Initial thoughts on Uptrack (Ksplice)

In case you missed it we recently have added Uptrack to all of our machines to take advantage of being able to update the kernels on our machines without having to reboot. This has several implications, though the primary one … Continue reading

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Using netcat as an intercepting proxy

A couple of days ago I needed a way to see how a particular client was interacting with a server. Obviously there are numerous ways to do this, but I was curious how easy it would be to implement something … Continue reading

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