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Hawk Host October Hosting and Domain Promotions

Over at Hawk Host we can’t believe it’s already the month of October.  We’re constantly running promotions on our site.  We thought though it be a great time to highlight some of the great discounts we’re offering for the month … Continue reading

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Improve Performance with Litespeed Cache WordPress Plugin

In a previous post on our blog we discussed the idea of using the LiteSpeed page caching feature to improve performance of WordPress.  The caching drastically improved the performance of a WordPress installation.  You were able to go from just … Continue reading

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cPanel Two Factor Authentication Now Available

We’re happy to announce that all our servers now support the ability to utilize two-factor authentication within cPanel.  Two factor authentication (2FA) adds an additional level of security where in not only your password is required but an additional code … Continue reading

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Installing OctoberCMS at Hawk Host

OctoberCMS is an exciting new CMS software developed using the Laravel framework.  It’s always been possible to run Laravel on our cPanel hosting and we’ve even written a post about how to install it on our shared web hosting.  OctoberCMS … Continue reading

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PHP 7 Now Available on All Hosting Plans

If you have not been following PHP development recently PHP 7 is fast approaching with the first beta having been released just over a month ago.  As is tradition here at Hawk Host we’re always pushing the envelope when it … Continue reading

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Super Charge WordPress With Litespeed Cache

Update: We now have a guide for the LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin We recently enabled the ability to utilize Litespeed’s caching functionality which some of our user base has already started taking advantage of.  For the users who have not … Continue reading

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HTTP/2 & More Now Available at Hawk Host via Litespeed 5.0

We’re proud to announce it is now official we’re running Litespeed 5 on all our servers and will not be going back to an older version of the software.  We’ve been testing 5.0 before its release and upon its official … Continue reading

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SpamExperts By The Numbers

We partnered with SpamExperts in March to bring end users enterprise level spam filtering at a cost effective level.  We currently include SpamExperts free of charge for all users.  It’s just a matter of utilizing the SpamExperts link in your … Continue reading

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Bash Shell Shock (CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169)

On Wednesday September 24th 2014 a vulnerability was revealed in the Bash shell interpreter which we run just like nearly every linux system online.  Due to the news coverage this exploit ( CVE-2014-6271 ) has gotten our loyal customers have been … Continue reading

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Hawk Host Partners with SpamExperts

We’ve like everyone else been battling spam for our users utilizing tools like SpamAssassin, custom filtering rules as well as the use of real time blocking lists.  This however was never the most effective solution nor did it give end … Continue reading

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