Free Bandwidth Upgrades on All Cloud Compute Plans!

We are very excited to announce we’ve provided a free bandwidth upgrade for all clients on our cloud compute plans! The new bandwidth values have been applied automatically and your compute is already enjoying the benefits of having free additional bandwidth in your quota each month.

Our cloud compute plans, the equivalent of a VPS, are your own private server environment will full root access. You have complete control over the server and can install any software or applications you’d like. With this free upgrade in bandwidth your compute should be able to handle more sites or higher resource applications without you needing to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

The table below shows the free bandwidth upgrades we’ve provided to each compute plan and client:

Compute PlanOld Bandwidth QuotaNew Bandwidth Quota

Key features included in every cloud compute plan:

  • Available in Dallas TX US, Hong Kong, Los Angeles CA US, NYC US, Singapore
  • Full root access to install any software and configure the compute however you choose
  • Your choice of CentOS, Cloud Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, or Fedora OS
  • Scale up at any time to meet your growing resource needs
  • Install cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, or any other compatible control panel

We hope all cloud compute clients enjoy their free bandwidth upgrade!

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4 Responses to Free Bandwidth Upgrades on All Cloud Compute Plans!

  1. Xuan Thu says:

    great thanks!

  2. Oanh Ca Beauty Blogger says:

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Kaina Alamanda says:

    Wow, thank you…very happy with your services and customer support

  4. Martin Sevon says:

    Wow free bandwidth upgrade sounds amazing. Thank you so much, I left a nice 5 star review on

    How much more exactly are we getting each month?

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