Cyber Monday is Here! Last Chance for 70% Savings!

If you missed our Black Friday sales don’t worry, Cyber Monday has savings for you! This will be your last chance to take advantage of discounts up to 70% off on your new cloud web hosting, semi-dedicated, reseller, or cloud compute plan!

Click the coupon code to the right of the listed service to go right to our order form!

ServiceDiscountPromo PriceCoupon Code
Cloud Web Hosting70% One Time$0.90/mocmshared2020
Cloud Web Hosting55% Recurring$1.35/mocmshared2020r
Semi-Dedicated70% One Time$4.80/mocmsd2020
Semi-Dedicated55% Recurring$7.20/mocmsd2020r
Reseller50% Recurring$6.50/mocmreseller2020r
*Cloud Compute30% Recurring$23.33/mocmcompute2020r

*Requires 8GB or 16GB compute plan

Key features with every cloud web hosting, semi-dedicated, and reseller plan:

Key features included in every cloud compute plan:

  • Available in Dallas TX US, Hong Kong, Los Angeles CA US, NYC US, Singapore
  • Full root access to install any software and configure the compute however you choose
  • Your choice of CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, or Fedora OS
  • Scale up at any time to meet your growing resource needs

Please note the following terms/conditions apply to our Cyber Monday specials:

  • Coupons valid for new orders placed before 11:59 PM CST on Tuesday December 1st *
  • Singapore cloud web hosting plans have limited availability
  • Coupons can only be used once per customer
  • Each coupon is only valid on the relevant type of hosting service specified
  • These promotions cannot be applied to existing services (upgrades, renewals, etc.)*
  • Unpaid orders will be terminated after 96 hours. Customers cannot order during the promotion period and pay the invoice more than 96 hours after it’s generated to receive service.
  • We reserve the right to adjust or prevent use of these coupons at our discretion.

*Exceptions may apply. Contact our sales team for further information or specific questions.

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  1. Andee WP says:

    Hello, do discounts apply to hosting renewals?

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