CloudLinux OS Now Available for Cloud Computes!

Our team is very excited to announce we now have CloudLinux available as an option for your cloud compute operating system! CloudLinux was built with shared hosts in mind and gives you the ability to limit the resources allocated to each hosting account under your compute.

CloudLinux helps you manage system resources and prevent a handful of abusive sites from impacting performance for the entire system. This is accomplished through a system called LVE (lightweight virtualized environment). LVE allows you to set CPU, RAM, disk IO, and process limits for each user on your compute. There is also a MySQL governor which prevents inefficient or high resource MySQL queries from completely locking up your MySQL server by throttling these queries. These limits can be adjusted per user or set globally so you have full control over the resource limits for each of your users. You will also be able to utilize mod_lsapi which is an extremely high performance and reliable method for serving PHP based requests.

In addition to the performance enhancements CloudLinux also helps keep your compute secure. One way they do that is through a technology called CageFS which puts each of your cPanel or DirectAdmin user accounts in its own “cage”, effectively isolating it from all other users on the system. If one of your users were to be compromised CageFS prevents those malicious files/scripts from accessing other users. It also prevents privilege escalation attacks to keep the compute safer from root level compromises, which is something everyone wants to avoid! Along with CageFS CloudLinux maintains and provides security patches for EOL versions of PHP so if for some reason (while it’s not recommended!) you need to use an old version of PHP you can at least be protected from new exploits or vulnerabilities. Lastly there is a SecureLinks feature which helps keep you safe from symlink attacks.

If the performance and security gains weren’t enough to convince you there are a number of unique features as well! You’ll have access to the CloudLinux PHP Selector which lets you easily switch between PHP versions, enable/disable extensions, and also modify PHP values and options. Similar to the PHP Selector there are also Ruby and Python selectors for managing your apps and also installing Ruby and Python modules.

CloudLinux is fully compatible with both cPanel and DirectAdmin, the hosting control panels we offer currently. Both panels provide an easy to use interface to set and modify your LVE settings, review the servers/users current usage, view historical statistics, and more. You can also add Litespeed to the configuration to boost your performance even more as CloudLinux is fully compatible with that webserver as well.

Whether you’re looking to sell hosting, or just need more control over your environment and resource allocations, CloudLinux may be the way to go!

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