Introducing Acronis Backup Solution

If you have logged into cPanel within the past several months you may have noticed a change in our backup solution. While R1Soft was a great product for us at the time it has shown it is not evolving in a manner appropriate for us as a provider or our end users. We had evaluated several solutions over the past year and had decided Acronis was the best solution going forward. We’ve been slowly building infrastructure and deploying it on servers and we can now say all our server are utilizing Acronis for their backup solution.

When we utilized R1Soft the end user interface was quite basic with only the ability to restore files and databases. Acronis brings with it the ability to restore not only files and databases but emails and forwarders as well. It brings with it a significantly more user friendly interface and additional options.

When you first login to cPanel you can find Acronis under the files section in cPanel:

Upon clicking this you will find all our available restore points for your account currently:

Once you pick your restoration date you will find you can download or even restore your entire account back to a point in time. Of course you can also restore files, databases, email accounts and email forwarders

If you opt to export your account you of course have some options depending on your use case. If don’t want your files for example you can skip this and save time downloading what is in fact important on your account.

If you click on the files interface you’ll be brought you a familiar looking file list interface where you can navigate through folders as well as restore or download individual files or folders

Once you click recover for your selected files/folders you’ll also be asked if you want to maintain any files that were not in your backup. This can be great for cases where you want everything exactly like it was in the backup.

Beyond just files we’ve heard countless times that database restorations need to be simple and reliable. With Acronis this is now taken care of with the database restoration interface:

Just like the files interface you have the option to not only recover but also download your database. When choosing to recover your database you can also easily rename the new restored database and not just overwrite the current database:

We also understand email accounts are important and it should be easier to restore them then just navigate the files interface. You can now easily restore individual email accounts as well:

That is a quick overview of the interface but it is also worth pointing out all backups are stored offsite on Hawk Host controlled infrastructure and not a third party. Our retention policies continue to be the same with daily backups for 7 days on our shared and reseller plans. For our semi dedicated plans we take backups twice a day and keep them for 7 days.

For our compute customers we have not forgotten about you. With the change to Acronis we have built a significantly more scalable backup storage solution. As a result of this we’re confident we can offer Acronis to computes as well. This will be an additional add-on service and you can expect an announcement about it in the future once it is possible to order.

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2 Responses to Introducing Acronis Backup Solution

  1. PC-MIND says:

    what happen if backup failure?

  2. dekorrumah says:

    Great, I learn step by step. Thank you, Tony Baird, this is very helpful

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