Announced cPanel Price Increase

We have been a long time cPanel supporter and partner and we prided ourselves on offering cPanel to our customer base. On June 27th along with all other cPanel partners we received notice by email of a drastic change on how cPanel intends on pricing their product. We reached out to our cPanel account representative on how this will affect not only our web hosting servers but many of our virtual private server and cloud server customers. Our displeasure with this new pricing has been given to the management team at cPanel. We hope the cPanel team re-evaluates their pricing changes decision but if they do not we have already completed an initial evaluation on how this will impact our services.

At this moment we do not anticipate a change in our shared or semi dedicated hosting plans. We will continue to offer cPanel to all users and continue to offer the same pricing. We hope this remains but with the new uncertainty of cPanel pricing going forward we are unsure if this will continue to be the case if there are further cPanel pricing changes.

For our reseller hosting customers it’s likely there will be adjustments to our plans and pricing. Unfortunately due to the fact cPanel will now charge us for each cPanel account a reseller creates it is going to cause a drastic change in our costs to operate reseller servers. How this will change the pricing and offerings of our reseller plans is still being determined.

For our virtual private server (VPS) and cloud server users we previously offered cPanel at $11/month which was near our cost. With this price change however we will be unable to continue offering it at $11/month as the price of cPanel will change depending on the number of accounts a server has. If cPanel continues forward with the pricing it’s looking like it’ll be as follows (subject to change):

cPanel PlanNumber AccountsMonthly Price
Premier 150150$34.50
Premier 200200$39.50
Premier 250250$44.50

We are evaluating adding additional free and paid control panels for our cloud and VPS server offerings. When we have more information about any partnerships with these products it will be announced.

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9 Responses to Announced cPanel Price Increase

  1. Tùng says:

    I hope the host price will not be affected T-T

  2. Thanh Thai says:

    Does this price increase the price of your hosting service?

  3. mazmur says:

    So what is the price of 1 cpanel license for vps? because I plan to migrate to vps

  4. rumus says:

    not problame, but hawkhost always best services for me

  5. furniture nz says:

    Why they increase the price?

  6. not problame, but hawkhost always best services for me

  7. Price not problame, but hawkhost always best services

  8. Belajarsam says:

    Hawkhost is best service, with good respon time server

  9. layarkaca says:

    Cpanel is very helpful, reasonable price shows quality

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