PHP 7.3 Now Available on All Hosting Plans!

We’re happy to announce we now officially support PHP 7.3 on all our sharedreseller and semi-dedicated and cloud web hosting services.  PHP 7.3 is the third point release in the 7.x series and it comes with many outstanding improvements and new features.

PHP 7.3 also like all previous releases contains performance improvements which depending on your application may be noticable. We however highly recommend checking your applications requirements and then testing using our PHP selector to make sure your application is PHP 7.3 compatible.

To enable PHP 7.3 all you need to do is login to cPanel go to ‘Select PHP Version’:

From here just pick PHP 7.3 from the drop down and set it as your current PHP version.  After this you’ll be able to manage extensions as you would for any PHP version we offer and your entire account will use PHP 7.3.

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9 Responses to PHP 7.3 Now Available on All Hosting Plans!

  1. Skooter says:

    It’s not available on the server I’m allocated (lightning).

  2. Tony Baird says:


    This should be fixed.

  3. David Ocolus says:

    Wow, your service really amazing. I will update to my hosting now.
    Thank for your rapid updating.

  4. PHP7.3 have been on Hawk host since 2018 and I still use 5.6. Too lazy to update 😀

  5. Jonathan says:

    Our website is using 7.0, everything is still stable. Before upgrading everyone should backup all data for safety.

  6. Robert Hawkins says:

    Did anyone saw any improvement in your ranking by switching to php 7.3?Faster, my pages have become clear anyway.

  7. Sepindra Safrian says:

    thank you for successfully updating from php version 5.2 to php version 7.3

  8. I use VPS, but can’t find the PHP 7.3 version. Please help

  9. Tony Baird says:

    If you’re using a VPS/compute you with cPanel you may need to enable it. You can login to WHM then go to EasyApache 4. From here you’ll want to customize your current configuration and from the PHP versions page enable PHP 7.3. After you’ve completed this process you can change PHP versions from the MultiPHP Manager in WHM.

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