Cloud Hosting and Cloud Servers Now Available in Singapore!

A few months back we launched our cloud hosting services in our New York City datacenter. That launch was our most successful new product to date, but we kept seeing one question come up: when will you have the cloud in Singapore? After months of work we can proudly say you asked, so we listened, and now Singapore is our first international cloud datacenter!

Our Newest Cloud Home!

Our Newest Cloud Home!

Similar to our New York City deployment the Singapore cloud has been approached with quality in mind above all else. We’ve partnered with an industry leader in the Singapore market for our datacenter facilities and we’ve invested in top-of-the-line server and network hardware. We were also able to leverage the knowledge and experience we gained by deploying our first cloud in New York City and apply that to Singapore. It took our extremely talented (and certainly ready for a vacation) provisioning team roughly half the time to research and deploy our Singapore infrastructure to production. At that rate we’ll have a cloud in every location by 2019! 😉

You can find more details about the cloud infrastructure below, but for those of you just looking to order here’s your quick links!

If you’re looking for a full cloud server that includes root access these links will be for you. Full details about these cloud servers can be found at on this page

1GB Singapore Cloud Server 
2GB Singapore Cloud Server
4GB Singapore Cloud Server
8GB Singapore Cloud Server
16GB Singapore Cloud Server

If instead you’re looking for shared hosting that’s in our cloud infrastructure (cloud hosting) you can sign up using this link: — just make sure you select ‘Singapore‘ as your location on the checkout!

As is the case with any properly built cloud infrastructure there is no single point of failure at the hardware or network level. We’ve focused on making sure our cloud can scale as you scale, ensuring that if you need more CPU, RAM, or disk on a moments notice we have the capacity to provide it. We’ve spent hundreds of hours testing countless scenarios and we’re confident we’ll be able to provide the reliable environment you need for your most critical projects.

Currently our Singapore cloud plans support CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and more. If there’s a Linux/BSD based operating system you want just ask, we’ll make it available! cPanel will be supported on all packages so you can create your own hosting environment in no time. Cloud plans start with 1GB of RAM and scale up to 16GB so we have a package to meet any of your performance needs.

As with all our services control is integrated directly into the client area so you can view your resource usage, rebuild the cloud server, reboot it, change your password…whatever you want really, it’s your server!


As always if you have any questions just contact us and we’ll clear up any concerns you have. And hey, if you have another location you’d like to see a cloud in, just let us know. We’re listening 🙂

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12 Responses to Cloud Hosting and Cloud Servers Now Available in Singapore!

  1. What’s different shared hosting and could hosting?

  2. Tony Baird says:

    @Jasa kaligrafi

    For our users they work the same in terms of functionality and resources. What changes is the underlying infrastructure utilizes our cloud platform. This means the systems are significantly more fault tolerant and do not rely on one piece of hardware. They also are able to scale resources up and down much easier than they can on our regular web hosting platform.

    Our goal is to bring the cloud functionality to all our shared web hosting but this will take time as we build out clouds in our locations.

  3. Ben says:

    Congratulations! – NYC, now Singapore, you guys are going from strength to strength!

  4. promo says:

    to hear this. i feel good.becasue my previous server lovation is New York City. my site most visitor are asian. so i will migrate my server NYC To Singapore.

  5. I like the speed singapore in vietnam very well.

  6. Canon Drivers says:

    Is the Cloud Hosting Package complete with Cpanel?

  7. pipi says:

    It’s affordable price.

  8. 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, 20GB Disk (sorry, but what kind of disk?)
    $5/monthly and 50$/yearly

  9. Tony Baird says:

    We utilize Storpool which is a software defined storage system. It aggregates the capacity and performance of many drives from many servers into a single shared pool of storage. A simple answer would be it be comparable to SSD however it’s capable of well over 200,000 IOPS and 2000MB/sec making it faster than any single SSD.

  10. Celia Dunn says:

    How can you guys can give at such low cost?

  11. thank you very much i just buy cloud server

  12. jasaperiklanan says:

    its amazing now i can buy cloud vps

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