MySQL Now Powered by MariaDB 10.1

cPanel has supported MariaDB 10.1 for some time making it possible for us to upgrade.  We have many VPS users utilizing MariaDB 10.1 due to how easy it is to switch to it.  For us however we attempt to maintain compatibility with a larger amount of software and deployments of customer sites that could be over 10 years old!  I am happy to say though our team worked diligently and we’ve completed our upgrades from MariaDB 10.0 to 10.1.In the case of this upgrade you’ll see no new features that would affect you however there are numerous performance improvements that may speed up your website so MariaDB 10.1 is an improvement for everyone over the previous version.

  • ORDER BY optimization is improved by several fixes for real-world cases.
  • Don’t create frm files for temporary tables.
  • UNION ALL works without usage of a temporary table. The feature was backported from MySQL 5.7
  • Make simple queries faster as we call malloc() fewer times.
  • Automatic discovery of performance schema tables, Performance Schema tables no longer use .frm files.
  • Other Webscale patches
  • xid cache scalability was significantly improved (by using lock-free hash)

In laymen terms if the software you utilize has a lot of simple queries they should be slightly faster.  If your software orders data you should see an improvement.  Then there are numerous web scale improvements that originated from web sites like Facebook who contributed their improvements back to the community.

The other thing you may have noticed if you frequently utilize phpMyAdmin in your cPanel is that it has significantly improved performance.  This is unrelated to the upgrade but instead is related to optimizations our team implemented at the same time as our MariaDB 10 to 10.1 updates.  We hope everyone enjoys the speed improvements of the interface!


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