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Encryption on the web has been a hot-button issue lately, one that deserves all the attention its received. Anyone even remotely tech savvy understands just how important and vital encryption is for the safety of not only individual web users but for the Internet ecoystem as a whole. It should come as no surprise that we’re huge proponents of encryption as part of our hosting environment/platform, and that’s why we’re now offering free SSL certificates as part of the Let’s Encrypt program. All customers are immediately eligible to install a free and trusted SSL certificate on their account.


What is the Let’s Encrypt Project?

Let’s Encrypt is a Linux Foundation project / joint collaboration backed by some of the biggest names on the web and in technology to, in essence, encrypt the entire web. Not only that, but they want to make it easy for even the least tech savvy individuals to get an SSL certificate on their websites. Companies like Mozilla, Google, Akamai, Cisco, Facebook, and others have put their weight behind the project to grant it not only legitimacy but the resources required to actually make it work. You may be asking, why is it important who is behind the project? First off, it’s not easy to become a certificate authority, especially one that is trusted by your browser. Secondly, having the likes of Google and Mozilla putting their name behind this project grants it immediate credibility and lets even the average end-user believe in what Let’s Encrypt is all about.

By installing a free SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt you’ll automatically start encrypting all traffic destined for your website with a click of a button. The common thinking for years has been that only sensitive data (shopping carts/checkouts, payment forms, personal information, etc) needs to be encrypted. While this is still partially true, as the nature of the internet shifts and more people begin putting their entire lives online it’s crucial that nothing be left to chance. This is where we, as a hosting provider, have a responsibility to support these important projects and enable our customers to participate as easily as possible.

How do I get my certificate?

Great question! Good news though, it’s pretty simple! So simple in fact we can cover it right here. All you need to do is login to cPanel and search for the ‘Let’s Encrypt’ interface:

Let's Encrypt Icon

From there you’ll get a list of your domains. Simple select the domain you want to issue the SSL certificate for and select “Issue”:


Now you’ll be asked if you want any alternate names covered (IE: Select the ones you want to be covered under the SSL certificate and issue the certificate:


Tada! Now you can view the SSL certificate and other related information:


What else should I know?

First off, these SSL certificates can be installed on any shared, reseller, or semi-dedicated hosting plan.These certificates are completely valid, trusted, and offer the same level of encryption and protection as any other SSL certificate you may purchase from another certificate authority. Of course there are still added benefits to higher-level certs, but for a hobbyist or someone who just wants that extra layer of site protection, Let’s Encrypt is perfect for you. Past that, these certificates expire every three months. However as long as the domain(s) you’ve installed your certs on are still pointed to our servers they’ll be automatically renewed. If you need more information on the differences between a standard SSL certificate and what Let’s Encrypt provides please contact us – we’ll be more than happy to explain everything!

So with those caveats aside, you’re still getting a full-fledged SSL certificate completely for free. That’s a pretty slick deal!

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  1. Yes – this is available for all of our web hosting services.

  2. i just installed in my blog. Thanks for this free service.

  3. I installed on my site but I see an notice that “Your connection is not secure” etc…..

  4. @Thiet ke web Can Tho

    Which browser are you using and what version? Based off the website you put here it appears to be working – if you’re using an older browser they might not have the Let’s Encrypt CA in their trusted authorities.

  5. woocrack says:

    damn, i just bought comodo ssl last week 🙁

  6. Jordy says:

    Thank you!
    I’ve been annoying support about this for a while haha

  7. Michel says:

    Thanks for enabling Let’s Encrypt. And with HTTP/2 support, the web just got better and faster.

  8. Firdaus says:

    This is good news, in fact I have long waited for this, although in must be renewed every three months but, this is a good thing for something that they got for free. Thanks Hawkhost.

  9. Only noticed it recently. It makes everything so easy and is free! Love hawkhost 🙂

  10. Kris says:

    I was bought a comodo SSL and I just know it that I can get it for free.

  11. Jes says:

    if I have a shared account with HawkHost but am also using Cloudflare as my nameserver, should I get the ssl with Hawkhost via cPanel or via Cloudflare’s free SSL? My understanding is for that SSL cert to renew every three months they need to be pointed to a HawkHost nameserver?

  12. Tri Wahyudi says:

    Thanks, I already use SSL Let’s Encrypt from cPanel

  13. baju batik says:

    okayy,, mau saya coba

  14. Dapur Medan says:

    can you provide us what is the next step to install SSL to wordpress ? so, our website url can be changed to https ?

  15. Thanks for the free ssl service

  16. Wordpress says:

    Thank you for great information :-), but what is variation of buying SSL from host vs gettin g it free from cloudflare?

  17. Jasa SEO says:

    thanks for this articles

    i want to setting ssl in my web jasa seo by pakar seomedia

  18. Digitalpreneur says:

    Thank you!
    I’ve been annoying support about this for a while

  19. Belajar Copywriting says:

    Thank you!
    I’ve been annoying support about this for a while yeyyy

  20. pusatklinikkuret says:

    Thanks for this free ssl.
    Setting up soon on my website

  21. Indri says:

    Thanks for this information about free SSL certificate. I have some websites on Hawkhost and will using the free SSL for them.

  22. cara makan says:

    Thank you!
    I’ve been annoying support about this for a while

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    i want to setting ssl in my web toyota semarang .

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    This is awesome. Thanks, hawkhost 🙂

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    Amazing support from hawkhost..
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    Thx for information

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  29. Situs Domino QQ Terbaru says:

    This is good news, in fact I have long waited for this, although in must be renewed every three months but, this is a good thing for something that they got for free. Thanks Hawkh

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