Semi-Dedicated Hosting – Increased IO Speeds!

We’re happy to announce that effective immediately all of our Semi-Dedicated web hosting plans will get a IO speed boost for free! Now every plan will have an IO limit of 10MB/s which means you shouldn’t ever be running into IO limitations!

Beep Beep!

Beep Beep!

This change should already be in effect so if you’re not seeing this change reflected in your control panel please contact our support department and we’ll get everything squared away in a jiffy!

Enjoy the upgrade!


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4 Responses to Semi-Dedicated Hosting – Increased IO Speeds!

  1. is it unlimited bandwith?

  2. Yes – all of our shared web hosting plans have unlimited bandwidth.

  3. NAVNEET says:

    Waiting for your 50% promotions for shared web hosting 🙁

  4. Steinbach says:

    is it already included with cpanel?

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