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We’ve like everyone else been battling spam for our users utilizing tools like SpamAssassin, custom filtering rules as well as the use of real time blocking lists.  This however was never the most effective solution nor did it give end users the type of control we wanted.  We went to HostingCon last year as well as cPanel Conference with one of our main goals was to find a spam filtering solution that would improve the email service of all our users.


In the past four months we have been slowly deploying our own SpamExperts filtering cluster.  The first phase came with the ability for all users to easily enable incoming filtering.  The second phase which we just completed was all our servers also utilizing the technology to filter every email that leaves our servers.  I’d like to talk first about our incoming filtering.

On all shared and reseller servers we now have a SpamExperts icon under mail which allows you to enable the service as well as manage it.

SpamExpertsUpon clicking the icon you will be brought to the management page and have the ability to login to our SpamExperts cluster and enable it for a domain.  Once enabled all email sent to your domain first passes through one of our filtering servers.  If it finds the email sent to you has no spam it then passes it along to your account.  If it finds the email was in fact spam then it quarantines it which is viewable from our SpamExperts panel.  This allows you to if necessary teach the system an email that was flagged as spam was in fact not spam.  No longer will there be any question about an email that was marked as spam.  If it was you can still retrieve it just in case.

The feedback we’ve received from our early adopters has been SpamExperts has ended the days of them having to worry about spam.  We have users who have gone from hundreds of spam emails a day to absolutely none.  In the Month of February we’ve seen 66.46% of all emails sent to our SpamExperts users has in fact been spam.  Add in the fact our email is now geographically redundant we can now safely say our email solution is very comparable to those expensive enterprise email services we know most of our users wish to avoid paying for.

The second aspect which is also very exciting is we’re now filtering all email sent from our servers using this same technology.  This means that hopefully are gone the days of another user on the same server as you causing delivery issues.  Our system will detect the spam and not allow it to be sent at all.  Our team will be informed of many failures from the other end user and be able to contact them and resolve the spam issue from their account.  This is however just the first part of our new outgoing email strategy.

The other big change is outgoing email sent from our servers is it is no longer sent from just a single IP address per server.  We have many servers setup each with many IP addresses available to relay your email to it’s destination.   This allows us to make sure the volume from one of our IP’s never gets dangerously high resulting in reputation based email delivery delays.  As of this moment all our current relay servers and their IP’s have a excellent reputation with the most frequently used services like senderbase.org. The technique of mailing from multiple IP’s is what many mailing list providers utilize.  We do this while not charging anything extra while these mailing list services typically charge per email successfully sent.

We’re confident that our partnership with SpamExperts is going to benefit all of our current and future customers greatly.  Email is a big part of the internet and every spam email you have to delete yourself hurts your productivity.  The question of whether an email arrived in a users inbox is something you should never have to worry about.  With all that being said we continue to work with SpamExperts on improvements and welcome any customer feedback.


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6 Responses to Hawk Host Partners with SpamExperts

  1. Jean says:

    Good news, but when you guys finally implement railgun service for the amsterdam location ?

  2. Hi Jean! We’re still working on our Railgun deployments and hope to have the service live in additional locations, Amsterdam included, within the year. Please feel free to contact our support team for more details 🙂

  3. Bud says:

    This is great. It took a couple tries to get it to login from cpanel.

    Does that enable it? Do I need to do anything else – like change MX records?

  4. Bud says:

    … and should we disable SpamAssassin?

  5. Bud says:

    OK, well, this new feature is awesome. Saves me the trouble of migrating my mailservers to Google Apps.

    It does seem like you login via the control panel by following the link. If you get a “you need to login” message every time. Just try again until it works. (You can set up an login if you like, once you get to the dashboard.)

    Apparently doing this the first time does enable it, or at least it seemed to work that way for me.

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