cPanel Theme Changes and Free Semi-Dedicated Hosting Upgrades

We’re in a good mood this week it seems, as this is our second free upgrade for our customers in less than a week. Five days ago, we doubled the bandwidth limit for all reseller plans at no cost to you. Today, we’re giving our semi-dedicated customers free bandwidth and disk space upgrades. We’ve also made some slight changes to our custom cPanel theme.

Semi-Dedicated Hosting Upgrades

Great Job. You Earned It!

Great Job. You Earned It!

We launched our semi-dedicated hosting plans back in August of 2012. Since August we’ve discovered, and so have a lot of customers, that these plans are a great step between shared and VPS hosting. The extra CPU resources, SSD caching, and top of the line hardware really help improve performance for any sites that heavily rely on PHP/MySQL. We knew there was a market for this type of hosting but we had no idea it would be as well received and successful as it is.

All plans, including our current customers, are being upgraded at absolutely zero cost to you. Similar to the reseller hosting upgrades from earlier this week, this is simply a thank you for helping make the launch of our new services a success. Here is a breakdown of the upgrades:

Plan Old Values Upgraded Values
Nestling 10GB Disk / 150GB BW 20GB Disk / 350GB BW
Feather 20GB Disk / 400GB BW 30GB Disk / 600GB BW
Beak 30GB Disk / 800GB BW 40GB Disk / 1000GB BW
Talon 40GB Disk / 1000GB BW 50GB Disk / 1200GB BW

As you can see, each plan is receiving 10GB more disk space and 200GB more bandwidth. These upgrades have been applied automatically and you should see the new values once you login to cPanel. If you don’t, just contact our support team and we’ll make sure your account is upgraded.

Minor cPanel Theme Changes

We’ve had our custom cPanel theme for a while now, and I think it’s one of the best in the business (not that I’m partial). We’re constantly trying to make slight tweaks/improvements, today we added three new features:

Hawk Host cPanel Theme

  1. Server Location: cPanel will now display the location of your hosting account. Since we have 6 locations worldwide, people with multiple hosting accounts sometimes forget which account is where.
  2. Server Status Page: There is now a direct link to our status page which will go directly to the server you’re on. Any upcoming maintenance notices are posted on our status page, along with any ongoing/current issues.
  3. Speedtest Page: You can now go directly to the network information/speedtest page for the location you’re in. This is useful for checking any potential network issues, and seeing just how fast you can get to your website from our servers.

We know these are minor changes but sometimes the small things matter most. If there are any additions or changes you can suggest for cPanel to make your lives easier as a customer, please let us know!

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