cPanel 11.32 Reaches STABLE

If you did not know yet cPanel 11.32 hit the RELEASE builds a little while ago and this week finally made it’s way to STABLE which is the most conservative version of cPanel.  We run RELEASE but with every major version from cPanel we’re more cautious holding back upgrading our servers until it reaches STABLE builds.  The reason being usually upon the initial release there are stability issues so we let others take the initial plunge.  The great news is though we’re preparing to take that plunge on Monday with all our servers being upgraded to 11.32.

The upgrade should be seamless to everyone as we’ll be just running the cPanel update system and everything should go as planned.  We’re actually running cpanel 11.32 already on machines we recently did hardware upgrades to and a few select machines were updated already due to resolve other issues.

As for cPanel 11.32 it’s really not that big of a change for end users but it does add DKIM support which should help with email delivery.  It also improves the cPanel interface a bit and the file manager.  Also of course bug fixes that never made it into the previous release.  If you’re curious about the new release you can check out the official cpanel page at

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  1. Teguh Aditya says:

    I like this cpanel version, login panel is luxury

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