PHP 5.4 Now supported!

We’re happy to announce we officially support PHP 5.4 on all of our shared web hosting packages! You’ll be able to utilize it on your account by following these instructions in our knowledge base or contacting our support department.

Here are some neat new features in PHP 5.4

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance or run into any issues while running PHP 5.4 on your web hosting account.

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4 Responses to PHP 5.4 Now supported!

  1. Aneka Blog says:

    good news, I’ll try it in singapore node

  2. are php 5.3.10 still usable?

  3. Tony says:

    Yes 5.3 along with 5.2 are still available we just give you more choices.

  4. YKdvd says:

    A belated congrats on this. Support for PHP 5.3 (hard to find back then) was why I switched to HawkHost a few years back. Now that 5.4 is available it will be worth the trouble to manually update to 5.4 my OSX development box (Apple isn’t as modern as Tony!)

    As a note, the recent support revamp has broken the links in the post above. The install instructions are now here, for instance.

    BTW, the installed versions seem to be 5.3.11 and 5.4.0 – the PHP folks are up to 5.3.14 and 5.4.4 with recent security and bug fixes… 🙂

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