Hawk Host Report – October 2011

Already into October — it’s going to be 2012 in another 2.5 months. That’s a strange thought, as I can remember writing the first blog post for 2011 as if it were last week. The year has really moved (they always seem to) and September was no different. Another 30 days come and gone, and here’s what we did!


Throughout the month of September and into early October, we worked on separating our shared and reseller services. A number of our legacy servers are still hosting shared and reseller accounts, while all of our new servers have services isolated. Though we’ve been busy we did find some time to get a number of servers done this past month. There are a number of advantages to separating the services so we’re going to continue working towards that goal. If I’m not mistaken we’ve only got a handful of mixed servers left (maybe 5?), so an optimistic me says we’ll have that all set by 2012. All depends on how busy our staff is on other projects πŸ™‚

New Servers

We added a number of servers to our fleet in the month of September. If you include the 10 days in October so far (I will because I can), we’ve added 8 systems. Rumor has it we’ll be adding some more servers in the next calendar month (Amsterdam) so our expansion is by no means finished.

Not all of the servers were production as a number were for infrastructure purposes. Our newest internal backup machine, named Wilson, had his name derived from a pretty famous movie. Can you guess which one?

Wilson from Cast Away

Wilson from Cast Away

Free Bandwidth Upgrades

You can read about this more here but midway through September, all of our shared hosting accounts got a bump in bandwidth. It worked out to a 50% upgrade on all plans completely free of cost. Not much more to say on that, just enjoy the free bandwidth!

International Expansion

We have officially gone online in SingaporeΒ and started offering shared hosting services. Aside from a few initial hiccups, which fortunately was nothing major, everything has gone smoothly and it is looking to be a very strong location for us. This Singapore launch is going to be followed up soon by Amsterdam, a location we’re hoping to have online roughly one month from now in early November. Similar to Singapore, we’ll be starting with shared hosting services only and investigating reseller and VPS once we’re online.

That’s all for last month. See you in a few weeks with next months report!

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5 Responses to Hawk Host Report – October 2011

  1. Jim Seybert says:

    Thanks Tony – just stepping by to thank you for the great personal service. I hardly ever have trouble, but in the few cases where I’ve needed help, your folks have never failed to provide assistance. Keep up the good work.

  2. Jean says:

    Thanks HawkHost……
    Happy to hear all your progress. πŸ™‚
    Keep up the good work!

  3. leong says:

    That’s great. When will the reseller and VPS in singapore ready? alternatively, do you able to provide white label ip and rDNS for the shared hosting in singapore at the moments?

  4. Mic says:

    i just hope next VPS in hawkhost cheap like



  5. Brian Farrell says:

    @leong we’re not sure on VPS or reseller services in Singapore. The problem is there is such a shortage of IP space from APNIC that getting the amount of IPs required for these services is tough. We thought things in North America were tough with ARIN but thats nothing compared to the shortage in the Asia-Pacific region. For our shared services in Singapore the only IPs which are branded to Hawk Host are the servers primary IP which is also the IP that sends mail. The PTR records for the other shared IPs don’t resolve to us.

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