cPanel 11.30 Reaches Stable

It’s that time again for a major update to cPanel which in this case is 11.30.  It just reached their stable version which is the most conservative build they offer.  Their stable build is also what we run when a new major release is pushed to our typical branch of release.  We’ve been doing this due to bugs we had encountered in the past when major releases from cPanel reach their release builds.  We’d rather let the more brave web hosts out there find all the bugs for each major release.  Though now that it’s reached all their branches we’re now running 11.30 on all our servers under our typical branch of release.

There have been a lot of great changes in 11.30 so here’s a quick run down:

  • Native CloudLinux support which for us does not mean a whole lot as we were already running all the plugins.  Though as of 11.30 we no longer need to do this ourselves as cPanel supports the system directly and all our typical CloudLinux features are already available.  With this added support it could mean further CloudLinux integration down the road which is exciting
  • Improvements to the update process which means we can update servers quicker so there is less of a load impact when we do updates
  • Email auto responders you can now choose the start and stop dates for them
  • Email filtering re-ordering can now be done directly via the cPanel user interface
  • Roundcube has been updated to 0.5.2 which has support for Internet Explorer 9 as well as various other bug fixes
  • Jailshell now allows you to retrieve your raw access logs which previously was not possible
  • File upload system has been updated to be more ajaxy
  • Support for MySQL 5.1 triggers and view permissions via the cPanel user interface
  • Improved cpanellogd which means faster stats and bandwidth processing

I’m sure there are others as well but that is a general list of some of the more notable changes.  This also does not include the various bug fixes which were introduced in 11.30.  I hope everyone enjoys cPanel 11.30 I know we are!

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One Response to cPanel 11.30 Reaches Stable

  1. Michelle says:

    Nice update. 🙂
    I can not image how I manage my web hosting account without control panel like Cpanel… 🙂

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