Black Friday – Stats & Goodies

As you’re probably already aware we ran a promotion on Black Friday. The response was more than we expected so we thought it may be interesting to see exactly what sort of volume we did that Friday. These statistics will be based on the 24 hour window the promotion was running.

The Promotions

We had several options people could choose from during the promotion. For shared web hosting we offered 80% off the first year of a Super package or 55% off the first payment for any shared package.  There were also two options for reseller packages 35% off recurring any package or 55% off the first payment.

The Stats

  • 67% Of the orders were of our Super package using the 80% off promotion
  • 22% Of the orders used the bf201055 promotion for 55% off the first payment of any shared package.
  • 8% Of the orders used the bf2010r35percent promotion for 35% off recurring off any reseller package.
  • 3% Of the orders used the bf2010r55percent promotion for 55% off the first payment of any reseller package.
  • 6x our average daily volume for the month of November.
  • 3x the amount of traffic than average to our website.


We didn’t anticipate the amount of response but we’re happy to welcome all of our new customers to the Hawk Host family. Existing customers shouldn’t be weary about things slowing down – we purchased additional hardware just in case the response was like this.

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