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You may have noticed if you visit our blog once in a while the theme has just changed.  I noticed the release of wordpress 3.0 included a new theme so I wanted to check it out.  To my surprise I actually like it for it’s simplicity plus supporting some of the new features.  Like you may notice right now we have the “New” Hawk Host logo displayed on the header of the blog rather than some generic picture one.  So right there it is more Hawk Host like then our previous theme.  You can do a lot more than that apparently as well

You have the ability to change the background color very easily which we might do in the future when someone with a sense of design feels like working on that.  So along with the header image you can make a wordpress blog that matches your site relatively easy now.  So for people like us no need at least at this point to even look at using another theme.

For example that header image we’re using right now I just looked at some of our PNG drawing previews for our logo and mascot and uploaded it.  Then on the next page it sent me to an easy to use interface to crop the image.  So anyone could make a decent looking header image for their site with relative ease now.  I’m sure for most it was easy before but for those of us even to lazy to open paint to crop an image it’s great!

Along with all the design aspects I guess there is a new menu creation system as well.  It looks like your typical drag and drop page like you have on widget pages and things like that.  So very easy to build a nice usable menu to fit your site.

Overall I think it’s a great theme for those of us to lazy to find a theme we like to design one around our web site.  So it fits great for us and I’m sure a lot of other users!

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4 Responses to New Blog Theme Twenty Ten

  1. Sam James says:

    Haha awesome!

    I use the same theme on my site,

    Works well, im looking into making that header flash.


  2. blogo says:

    Whoa, this is quite a surprise! It does look good.

    So I had to check out Frog Blog.
    It’s quite a challenge looking for froggy among all those flowers and grasses.
    Perfectly camouflaged or hiding somewhere, I suppose.

  3. Tony says:

    I wanted to do the Frog Host one but our images were way to big to fit it in the same way. So having to find someone to reduce the size then it can be cropped. Not really a high priority to get fixed.

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