cPanel 11.25 – We’re stable baby

In case you missed our recent announcement in the forums we’re now upgrading all of our cPanel versions to 11.25 as it’s recently been moved out of testing phase into stable. This is highly anticipated release as it adds a few features, and more importantly fixes a lot of poorly implemented features. Here’s a quick laundry list of what’s changed in cPanel 11.25:

  • CSRF Protection – Security tokens! This protects you from those nasty CSRF attacks. They also are checking for blank referrals (not the best method, but added onto tokens and you’re golden)
  • Optimized Mail – Mail servers (Dovecot / Exim) have had their configurations tweaked for a lower memory footprint as well as quicker processing. One of the things changed is now a single Exim process can listen on several ports at once.
  • Faster Webmail – The popular Roundcube e-mail system can now use a SQLite database which is umpteen times faster than the current system (mailbox files)
  • Queueing System – They’ve finally added a queuing system for things that require a webserver reboot. One of the common problems is when people mass add or remove domains it causes a short period where the webserver is constantly restarting causing slightly higher loads and longer response times.
  • Faster Transfers – Apparently you can now have transfers ignore the homedir directory and allows you to manually move it via Rsync or another method allowing for more flexibility.
  • And more..
  • Needless to say the update has been long needed – expect to see it on all of our systems shortly!

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