Power of Unlimited

A lot of web hosts and people in general underestimated the power of unlimited hosting to users.  Since we launched Frog Host on the weekend we’ve lost several customers some of which put right in their comment that someone recommended they switch to Frog Host instead.  I am pretty sure a lot of them are not even aware Frog Host is ran by the same company which is all that surprising.  The reason being we’ve seen an increase in affiliate users with Hawk Host and those same people are also promoting Frog Host on their websites and to their friends.  So these users have chosen to pay Frog Host $80/yr rather than Hawk Host $40/yr when their space usage suggests they’d be fine with just 3GB of space.

I have no doubt the affiliate system has a part to play in this with the Frog Host plans being higher and it’s commission percentage being higher it’s smarter to push it to make money.  Now wait a second Frog Host has higher numbers?  Well this is because offering 50% on a $80 plan is less of a hit than doing say 50% on a $40 plan.  We can afford to pay out more with Frog Host since the plans are much more expensive and with the power of unlimited a lot of users cost a heck of a lot less than $80/yr.

That’s about all I have to talk about I just thought it was interesting looking at some recent Hawk Host cancellations and seeing reasons pointing to Frog Host with various explanations given.  It just shows you the power of unlimited heck even if you own multiple unlimited brands I’ve heard of a lot of them losing a customer with one brand and gaining them back on another.  So they’re no further ahead and still using the same company in the end.

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3 Responses to Power of Unlimited

  1. Jaleo says:

    This is certainly a most interesting situation.
    But I’m very pleased with hawkhost, i would not select those unlimited hosting.

  2. DMcLean says:

    That’s quite funny to be honest, when I read that. Certainly a little entertaining 🙂

    I know all about that mumbojumbo, or what I need to know, and I am fine with HH ofc, 🙂

  3. ultd says:

    Good business strategy to offer unlimited hosting under a different brand.

    Customers on a merry-go-round…

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