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Multivariate Testing – A Real Life Example

About a year ago I posted a little tutorial / guide on how to get a simple A/B or Multivariate test running using Google Website Optimizer. Unfortunately I never made a follow-up post, though we still use this internally to … Continue reading

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cPanel 11.25 – We’re stable baby

In case you missed our recent announcement in the forums we’re now upgrading all of our cPanel versions to 11.25 as it’s recently been moved out of testing phase into stable. This is highly anticipated release as it adds a … Continue reading

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Rebootless kernel updates ahoy! Initial thoughts on Uptrack (Ksplice)

In case you missed it we recently have added Uptrack to all of our machines to take advantage of being able to update the kernels on our machines without having to reboot. This has several implications, though the primary one … Continue reading

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Power of Unlimited

A lot of web hosts and people in general underestimated the power of unlimited hosting to users.  Since we launched Frog Host on the weekend we’ve lost several customers some of which put right in their comment that someone recommended … Continue reading

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Softaculous Doing Great

We added Softaculous recently as we were becoming more frustrated by the lack of updates to Fantastico.  To go along with Fantastico’s lack of scripts it was months behind in some cases on versions of scripts which is unacceptable when … Continue reading

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Injury Bug

The web hosting season is a long a hard one in fact the season really does not end we’re here 365 days a year.  So there are bound to be some injuries some of which could put staff out 6-8 … Continue reading

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