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WordPress Theme Performance

When people are looking for a wordpress theme they very rarely are looking at the performance of it.  The person is looking at how pretty the design is and if it fits their site.  There is however a lot more … Continue reading

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Emergency maintenance and why it’s necessary

This is a short rant regarding emergency maintenance. Typically the only time there is unscheduled downtime (or very abruptly scheduled downtime) is because the issue is urgent for one reason or another. For the most part there are only two … Continue reading

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cPanel x86_64 Reseller unable to Add Packages

Using 64bit is really common now in fact most hosts are using this on their newer systems due to using more than 4GB of memory.  On cPanel there is a common problem that crops up with errors showing up after … Continue reading

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Why You Should Use WP-Super-Cache

At Hawk Host we deal with CPU usage issues with accounts like every other host out there.  I’ve noticed an ever growing pattern of the problems always coming from WordPress blogs and almost always they have no caching what so … Continue reading

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Why We Upgrade Servers

I’m sure lots of our customers wonder why do we do hardware upgrades once a year or at least every two years.  With the migration of our Skyline server to new hardware I figured it was a good time to … Continue reading

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