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Catch All Email

The catch all email was a great thing back in the day it was neat you could retrieve mail for [email protected] [email protected] ect. ect. all through one simple email address.  A lot of users used it without issue and it … Continue reading

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The Maintenance Window

The day started out like every other one with me waking up and starting my walk to the computer while half asleep.  I used to go shower and such like I was going to an office but after a while … Continue reading

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Foreign Transaction Fee

The foreign transaction fee has come up a bit in the past year and I figured I’d rant about how ridiculous this fee is.  We’re a Canadian corporation and as such we have a Canadian merchant account.  For the most … Continue reading

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New WordPress Release

There is a new release of WordPress that fixes a issue that allows an attacker to reset the first account in the database (usually the admin account). It doesn’t allow remote access, though can be fairly obnoxious. More Information: … Continue reading

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Zend Framework 1.9 Released

If you missed it on Friday Zend Framework 1.9 was released which as always contains new features and bug fixes.  I’d say the biggest thing would be the support for PHP 5.3 which was released last month.  We have no … Continue reading

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OpenVZ Apache mpm_worker Memory Issues

A lot of users look to run Apache’s mpm_worker rather than the prefork mpm as it’s regarded to be much more efficient than the perfork mpm.  Add in FastCGI rather than mod_php and it’s a great combination of stability as … Continue reading

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