We want your feedback and suggestions!

Over the past six months we’ve grown quite a bit, and as a result we want feedback from current (and prospective) customers regarding our services. Since we’ve grown significantly we would like to hear from you guys to let us know if you think we’ve been able to maintain the quality service we strive for. It’s a slippery slope when a company grows quickly and as a result some companies let that get in the way of the service – we don’t want this to happen.

What do you think we can do to improve? Do you think we’ve let any part of our service degrade in quality? Do you have any gripes or pet peeves? Please let us know! We love hearing from you guys, without you we’re nothing!

Here are a few ideals we’ve always had and have tried to stick with:

  • Communication
  • High quality hosting
  • Going above and beyond
  • Being candid
  • Being human
  • Having fun

So everyone, how are we doing?

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14 Responses to We want your feedback and suggestions!

  1. I always have been and still am very satisfied with Hawk Host and the way things are done. I haven’t yet experienced the new way of handling support, since I haven’t submitted a ticket the past few weeks, but I’m sure it’ll align with your usual standards. The server are fast, support is fast, prices are good and it’s clear you know what you are doing.

    What I would like to see, though, is some more about the people behind Hawk Host. I’m personally a big fan of the personal touch companies give, and though I know a tiny bit about who’s behind Hawk Host, it’s not much. Anyway, this is usually comes down to privacy, I mean, how much are you willing to share over the Internet? I mean, I could totally understand it if this (what’s known now) is what you want us to know, nothing more (no harm done, by the way). It’s just something I usually prefer.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  2. Expect staff bio’s to be active in a month or so – we’ve discussed this and plan on implementing this shortly :).

  3. Great! That’s exactly the personal touch I was referring to :)!

  4. I bought a reseller account in May and I have been extremely satisfied ever since.

    Tony has been excellent with answering any queries I raised, and the overall speed and reliability of the service has been great!

    Keep up the good work, people.

  5. Spiros says:

    Excellent service, great uptime, loved the quick response on my tickets, (even that i did not get the answer i wanted)

    i would like to see vps.hawkhost.com, back

    Keep up the good work

  6. derekhe says:

    I’m very satisfied with your service and good hosting environment. I found a bug of Trac program you installed that I could only login and couldn’t logout. I saw that the logout url was “www.april1985.com/trac/login/logout” which was wrong. The correct version should be “www.april1985.com/trac/logout”. It seemed that the Trac template might be wrong. I sent support team but they replied they couldn’t fix it until upgrade of CPanel. If there’s any possible way to have this problem be solved?

  7. Tony says:


    The problem is we did not create this plugin it was made by Rv Global Soft who make Rvskin which is where the Subversion/Trac integration comes from. So we’re at the mercy of them to fix it as it’s not something we can correct.

  8. @Spiros The HyperVM control panel has been discontinued and is littered with security holes so we’re working on our own in house control panel. To the right you will see a category called “vezozvm” – click on that for updates 🙂

  9. Edward says:

    The service is great. I only have one suggestion, which is whenever servers needs to be maintained, could you please send e-mail notifications instead of posting in the forum.

  10. Tony says:


    We sent emails in the past and we received tons of complaints about them. This is why we moved to a forum system with each server having their own forum. This way you can subscribe to the postings of a specific forum your server is on. Fact is the majority of users have a head in the sand approach where they don’t want to know. With the forums it’s an opt-in system where you can just do an email subscription or grab the xml feed to know when maintenance is being done.

    So with the forum everyone is happy the users who want to know nothing continue to know nothing and the ones who want to know about maintenance can subscribe to them.

  11. Hikari says:

    There is barely nothing I can complain of, and u are pretty much full featured.

    Since I joined I’ve seen my sites offline a few times, but they came back quickly and uptime is around 99.95% checks every 30min. Support also answered everytime I called. Ruby is already supported.

    It is OK for me now. Maybe something related to Java.

  12. @Hikari What server are you on? We’ve only had one hiccup with Neptune recently due to a RAID issue (check forums for information). I would be curious as to why you experienced downtime.

  13. Guy says:

    I was hosted with Hawk Host a while back for a year, and I had no complaints. Good service, and I pretty much didn’t run into any problems for the year I was hosted. Just for those curious, I had no need for the extra hosting, which is why I am no longer with Hawk Host.

    I am planning on returning in a few months.

  14. Frank says:

    I’m a happy camper. Your hosting is fast and full-featured. Support is great – quick responses and intelligent answers. Communications are excellent, what with the forums, tickets, email, this blog, etc. If there’s something else you can do, I really don’t know what it is.

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