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New CDP Server Soon

Bosco our current CDP server has been a little slow as of late and we anticipated this day would come we’re just surprised we’re already there.  We have an agreement in place to have it replaced with a new system … Continue reading

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We want your feedback and suggestions!

Over the past six months we’ve grown quite a bit, and as a result we want feedback from current (and prospective) customers regarding our services. Since we’ve grown significantly we would like to hear from you guys to let us … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.8.1 Released

WordPress 2.8.1 was released yesterday and looks like the major reason for upgrading in this case is a new exploit that from my quick reading could be potentially dangerous.  You can find the exploit details here.  Other than that just … Continue reading

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SoftLayer Network Tips

We’ve been a softlayer customer for a long time and we have quite a few machines with them at this point and we have people once in a while asking how in the world do we do what we do … Continue reading

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Magento Woes (Zend Framework)

As Magento software gets more popular, we’re increasingly running into people who are experiencing errors with our setup. A majority of these are addon issues from Magento Connect and have been addressed via their forums / knowledge base – though … Continue reading

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PHP 5.3

PHP 5.3 was released on June 30th and everything is already asking when is Hawk Host going to have it on our servers!  Well this is unfortunately going to take some time until it shows up on our servers is … Continue reading

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July Is Here

I cannot believe it but we’re now into July it feels like just yesterday June was starting time sure does fly by.  Things have been great due to the fantastic growth we’ve seen over the month smashing our old record … Continue reading

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