Looking For A Designer

The one thing we lack in our development effort is someone who can draw things.  I personally am very good at drawing stick men but that is where my artistic skills end.  The problem with finding someone is they are either just cookie cuter web site design or they want insane fee’s for something that is very simple.  We’re looking for someone is reasonable priced and knows what they’re doing.  So this means knowing html, css and being able to make a nice interface that is also intuitive.  In the past when we tried to bring in someone to do some basic HTML, CSS and images for some applications we were building they wanted to charge $1000 per page which as much I’d love to believe we have that kind of money to spend we do not.  I’m still going to give it a try before I produce one of my amazing interfaces with colors that do not match and images created in paint

If you think you’re the kind of person we’re looking for then get in contact with me Tony by emailing tony with the at hawkhost.com added in.

Status Update

Not much to talk about today unfortunately still working on building the main part of the system which is managing the actual virtual machines.  Should have something complete on that front by the end of the week

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3 Responses to Looking For A Designer

  1. Nick Stan says:

    Why not hired the same designer who had done hakwhost new frontpage?

  2. Tony says:

    They specialize in strictly web designs and not user interfaces.

  3. Leecher says:

    Then why not find in open source projects (eg. WordPress), they have good designers and I think they will do the whole interface for less than $1000.

    Or look in some freelance sites.

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