WordPress 2.8 Released

It’s that time again a new version of wordpress is out as an official stable release which means time to upgrade.  Of course as of recent versions you can upgrade with just a simple click within the wordpress admin making it a quick and easy upgrade.  With that being said never risk having the upgrade not go right so make sure to backup your files and database before upgrading.

Here are some highlights of wordpress 2.8

  • New drag-and-drop widgets admin interface and new widgets API
  • Syntax highlighting and function lookup built into plugin and theme editors
  • Browse the theme directory and install themes from the admin
  • Allow the dashboard widgets to be arranged in up to four columns
  • Allow configuring the number of items to show on management pages with an option in Screen Options
  • Support timezones and automatic daylight savings time adjustment
  • Support IIS 7.0 URL Rewrite Module
  • Faster loading of admin pages via script compression and concatenation

There is obviously more than just this but that’s the highlights there is also other new features as well as 790 bugs stomped in this release.  You can check out a video of 2.8 in action at http://wordpress.org/development/2009/06/wordpress-28/ .

You read all the way to here?  What’s wrong with you?  You should already be upgrading 🙂

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    this 2.8 upgrade include database upgrade, i got my database covered yesterday:(

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