VezozVM Introduction

VezozVM is the name of our replacement software for HyperVM as well as a competitor to any other virtual machine management system currently available or being created.  The goal of the project is to provide an effective and simple system to handle management of virtual machines and the physical machines that host them.  Every day myself or someone else from development will be posting information about how things are going.  This could also expose what we’re doing and our we’re creating the system so it should be interesting to say the least  I am going to just answer the obvious questions now


With LxLabs uncertainty due to the death of their founder as well as the current bugs in their HyperVM software we’re left with not many choices.  There are other pieces of software available now which are not near production ready in any form.  They are in most cases are just as uncertain as HyperVM with no actual developers.  There are others which are currently in development that we have no idea about their experience or how the software will turn out.  These new pieces of software are also months away from being available according to developers.  The other option is switching virtualization platforms which is also not an option

Why the Name?

Vezoz has always been our brand for anything development based.   Most of which never sees the light of day outside of Hawk Host but this will probably be the first to appear outside of our scope.  So with the trend of names going around we just added VM to the end to create the name of the software

Time Frame?

Our goal is to get it out at least in our use as fast as possible.  We’ll see how long that takes

Technologies Used?

While a lot of them choose to build daemons on the nodes themselves we see this as an unnecessary step which we believe leads to more problems then it solves.  We’ll see but our goal is to make that  not necessary and use a key system to access the actual machines as all commands issued for managing VM’s can be done without the necessity of a daemon or having the software installed on every machine.  We will be building thus upon PHP along with MySQL although other database engines should work due to the framework being used so PostgreSQL could be an alternative for the database side.


I have more to talk about but that’s the questions I wanted to get out of the way.  First of all we’re going to be doing rapid application development here rather than using a lot of planning.  The base of the system is very simple to design and we could have the frontend within a week and the management portion up within two weeks.  After which point the majority of the work will be building out additional features that are not necessary but will be nice.

With a lot of projects you wonder about the experience of the people behind it.  I do not claim to be some 20+ year expert but I do have experience in the real world and at one time my goal was to be a software engineer.  While still in school I did spend a total of a year over my time as a co-op working as a software developer gaining valuable experience.  I never completed this goal due to the time demands of Hawk Host Inc.  I’ve been doing PHP off and on since I was 16 (23 now) and have developed numerous applications during that time for various businesses.  PHP is not the only language though I’ve worked with C, C++, ASM, Java, C# (windows applications), C# (with Perl and have various useless expertise in libraries with them.  For example I have experience using openGL mostly with games although I’ve used it for other things as well.

So lets see how things go over the next few weeks to a month and with almost daily posts I’m sure it’ll become exciting very fast.

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  1. Wow, that’s fast! Great to see something coming from you guys!

  2. Tony says:

    Yep it is fast.

    Plan to keep on the posting thoughts opinions and such to keep things on track.

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