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Outsourcing Some Support

Update:  This post is no longer accurate This post previously discussed our evaluations of using out sourced support during high growth periods.  We have since expanded significantly since then and utilize our own in house team.  Anyone responding to tickets … Continue reading

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Development Update

As you may have noticed there hasn’t been many posts as of recently and this is due to the fact things just are not progressing as planned.  This does not have to do with development difficulties but the fact things … Continue reading

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Looking For A Designer

The one thing we lack in our development effort is someone who can draw things.  I personally am very good at drawing stick men but that is where my artistic skills end.  The problem with finding someone is they are … Continue reading

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Virtualization Platform Independent

A lot of the panels out there advertise support for a specific platform for example OpenVZ or Xen.  We’re taking a different approach where in theory our system could handle any platform assuming there is a driver built for it … Continue reading

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Slow Days Happen

Yesterday was not the success we were hoping for with development.  Things were very hectic in Hawk Host last yesterday and with us not having a full team of developers this sort of thing causes delays in any development processes.  … Continue reading

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Learn Something New Everyday

Every single day I learn something new and yesterday we no different with the development.  It was pretty tiny though but it did provide some confusion for a little bit and it was with Zend Framework.  The way we develop … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.8 Released

It’s that time again a new version of wordpress is out as an official stable release which means time to upgrade.  Of course as of recent versions you can upgrade with just a simple click within the wordpress admin making … Continue reading

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Onto The Second Day

The first day full day of development on the panel went quite well we got a lot accomplished in a short amount of time.  Here’s what was accomplished yesterday: Database Schema The basics of the database have been designed to … Continue reading

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VezozVM Introduction

VezozVM is the name of our replacement software for HyperVM as well as a competitor to any other virtual machine management system currently available or being created.  The goal of the project is to provide an effective and simple system … Continue reading

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HyperVM Situation

We run HyperVM as I assume most of our virtual private server customers know already and have seen all the posts all over the Internet warning about it being accessible as LxLabs the developers may not have patched all the … Continue reading

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