Zend Framework 1.8

I just finished going through every single hosting machine we have making sure that the latest version of Zend Framework was part of the PHP include so it’s not necessary to upload it.  It was released last week and we just got around to putting it on all our servers.  As always if you need an older version or if our version is out of date you can always upload your own copy to your space.  This version is really only meant for testing and development and should not be relied on in a production environment due to the fact we always try to have the latest version available.

The only useful change in it for my purposes anyways is there is a new database validators such as Zend_Validate_Db_RecordExists so you can now check if an email exists in a table or something like that.  So I no longer need my own custom validator for that which is great.  There is also things like Zend_Tool, Zend_Validate_File_WordCount, Zend_Application Zend_Navigation, Zend_CodeGenerator, Zend_Filter_Encrypt, Zend_Filter_Decrypt but I am not sure if I’ll make use of them or Hawk Host for that matter.

That’s all for now nothing execiting to talk about or rample about this week thus far.

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