Seattle Live

Our Seattle location is now live and offering shared and reseller hosting services.  Right now we have just one machine live called Titan but I’m sure if it’s popular we’ll be adding more servers.  It of course offers all the same services shared and reseller services our other locations offer so no compromise there.  Virtual private servers may or may not come that is undecided it’s a new location and we’re feeling it out first before going and offering a much more expensive service.  You can check out the full announcement at

Now we’re just waiting for our provider to launch locations in Europe so that we can have an even larger global presence now that North America is pretty much covered.

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4 Responses to Seattle Live

  1. Do you have any ideas on when the European servers will become available?


  2. Tony says:

    I do not see it happening any time soon unfortunately. We rely heavily on features specific to our provider and going outside of them will be a significant investment for us in order to provide the same features we currently provide.

  3. Sure, I completely understand that you may offer European hosting only when Softlayer will open a new DC in Europe.

    So, to make my question more exact: maybe you (as their business customer) have any information about their plans (maybe even estimated date?) regarding opening a brand new European DC?


  4. Tony says:

    At this time I do not know when they’ll have a presence there. Some of their management are in the UK right now but that could mean a lot of things.

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