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Once in a while people ask where are all the Hawk Host reviews or where can they post reviews so I’m just going to go through a few places I know of.  The obvious one is WebHostingTalk which is actually a forum but there are reviews there and anyone is welcome to post their own of us or any other host.  Now onto some of the web sites that are tracking reviews of us:

Those are the ones I found that let people post reviews and/or have posts by our customers already.  Here are a few reviews about us on Web Hosting Talk:

There are probably more but I don’t want to be searching all day for reviews.  If you have any other sites on the Internet that are asking reviews about our services or even find some random post somewhere with a review of our services feel free to post a comment.

My post for the week as things have been busy around here.  I’ll be posting about some other things next week as we upgrade kernels on almost every machine we have running along with launch the Seattle location.

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4 Responses to Hawk Host Reviews

  1. sanp says:

    I create a website of Hawk Host Review http://hawkhostreview.com
    This website will be useful when i have collect enough reviews of Hawk Host.

  2. Yang says:

    Hey Tony, is there any way you could add this review I wrote: http://www.kavoir.com/2009/09/hawkhost-initial-review.html

    Here’s one more thing interesting. I compared hawkhost against dreamhost in terms of SEO at here: http://www.kavoir.com/2010/11/a-few-seo-tips.html

  3. Amazing web host! Check out my review based on one year experience.

  4. Hawkhost is a very reliable, professional and organized hosting service provider. 6 of our websites are hosted with them. Support tickets for even the minutest query are aptly responded – without fail.

    The technology used by them is fairly robust and the support team is also technically strong at what they do.


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