New Monitor Viewsonic FuHzion VX2265WM

It’s been a very slow week for me anyways with regards to exciting news that involves Hawk Host.  I doubt anyone wants to hear about how I’ve spent the week going through our books and getting our accounting up to date.  I sort of left it for several months which was a very bad idea so I got it up to date.  So procrastination is bad remember that always best to keep ahead of things.

Now onto the fun which is the new monitor I just ordered.  I’ve been running two ViewSonic Vx922 monitors for over a year now and they’ve been great.  Well until I started having problems with them syncing up which meant they would not show a picture!  I sent one away for warranty and it came back fixed but my other still continues to have syncing issues.  I did not want to be stuck with one monitor so I was waiting until the new 120hz LCD monitors started showing up.  Well the Viewsonic one is finally available and I placed an order for one today.   It has a lot of bells and whistles:

  • 22″ screen
  • 1680×1050 resolution
  • 120hz refresh rate (most LCD’s are 60hz)
  • 3ms response time
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio

It’s a real upgrade from the 19″ screen I currently have that is a measly 1280×1024 resolution at 60hz and 2ms response time.  I imagine their response times are actually the same as I see 2ms and 3ms mentioned as the specs for either screen on various web sites.

Once the new monitor comes in I’ll RMA the other broken vx922 and hopefully end up with 3 working screens in no time 🙂  Now what I’ll do with them I have no idea.  I currently have my old 2.66ghz Opteron sitting beside me with no screen and I also have my laptop which barely gets any use these days.  I’m sure I can find a use for an extra monitor.  I do realize I could go tripple screen but that would require another video card and I’m not giving up my ultramon features so no special converter ones to make the screens appear as one to the video card.

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2 Responses to New Monitor Viewsonic FuHzion VX2265WM

  1. Sam Sung says:

    I bought a Samsung 2233SW about 3 weeks back and have been happy with it 🙂 until I read about your 120Hz LCD :(. Gee, I didn’t know they make LCDs with refresh rates that high. I’ll have to put that down in my dream PC configuration.

    Now that you have 3 screens, does that mean support time will improve threefold?

  2. Tony says:

    I only have two and plan to most likely only keep two for my main computer. I’d need to add another video card or use one of those triple display cards to handle more. I play a lot of games on my computer (Quake Live, Counter Strike ect.) so I’d rather not have to deal with the annoyances those triple systems bring for gaming on a single monitor.

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