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PHP 5.3 RC1 Released

PHP released the first release candidate for PHP 5.3 which means it’s only a matter of time and that will be the latest release of PHP.  It’s going to be interesting for us as PHP 5.3 adds features and could … Continue reading

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What I’ve learned from using Twitter

It’s been a little over a month since we’ve actively been on Twitter (twitting, tweeting, and possibly twatting) and over that time period I’ve learned several things about how Twitter works and how people utilize it. Here are my observations: … Continue reading

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Multivariate Testing

**WARNING** The formatting on this post is lackluster – once again who am I to fight against the ways of WordPress? Hopefully the point / useful information gets across. I haven’t checked the spelling in this post either – so … Continue reading

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Phone Support

On our new site we have a phone number displayed on each page as well as on our contact pages we have the extension of each department listed.  Even with this we have not seen much of an increase in … Continue reading

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New Monitor Viewsonic FuHzion VX2265WM

It’s been a very slow week for me anyways with regards to exciting news that involves Hawk Host.  I doubt anyone wants to hear about how I’ve spent the week going through our books and getting our accounting up to … Continue reading

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We’re not going anywhere, really

You would be surprised at how often this gets brought up to our pre-sales / general inquiries – people are very concerned whether our company (or other prospects) are “going anywhere”. By this I can only assume they mean financially … Continue reading

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The Past Week

It’s been an exciting week here at Hawk Host with the launch of our new site, various new features coming around the corner, exciting new customers and other projects now coming into full swing. New Site We launched our new … Continue reading

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