WordPress 2.7.1 Released

It’s that time again for another wordpress release which in this case is just a maintenance release.  By the looks of things 2.7.1 does not include any major security fixes and primarly just for various bugs discovered in 2.7.  The upgrade process is pretty easy it’ll say at the top of your blog there is a new version available.  You click that then there is a 1 click upgrade script which means no dealing with uploading files and visiting pages.  It can all be done through just the one click which to me is new I’ve never used it before so I’m not sure which version this showed up in.  For more information check out their post about it: WordPress 2.7.1 .  As for things on our end with this I’m sure Fantastico will be updated to upgrade to this version soon but it’s just as easy to upgrade yourself.  Happy upgrading!

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4 Responses to WordPress 2.7.1 Released

  1. mistermartin75 says:

    The auto-upgrade feature has been introduced in WordPress 2.7. It’s really nice, isn’t it? Saves a lot of time. It also works on plugins, by the way.

  2. Tony says:

    Well it makes Fantastico for wordpress anyways obsolete. Even with this feature though I predict lots of users never upgrade their wordpress and end up getting exploited. We’ve seen users running versions that were a year old and they were using fantastico!

  3. mistermartin75 says:

    Oh my. People are lazy sometimes, definitely when it comes to security. I’ve been a victim of an exploit myself, at one time. This feature definitely reduces that risk.

  4. Fell says:

    You are right, many people do not do updating.

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