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I wanted to talk about LiteSpeed today but since our Mascot is completed I thought it was worth sharing.  We had originally planned on having our new site completed by now, but as always issues with designers and we fall behind on such a goal.  We’re starting to move along now with that so hopefully it won’t be months down the line considering all the changes we’ve made lately that are not on our site.  So here’s our Mascot he’s basically the Hawk Host super hero.  I have no idea what we’re calling him.

Hawk Host Mascot

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4 Responses to Our Mascot

  1. Luke says:

    Just call him Tony Hawk… 🙂

  2. wammy says:

    why isnt there a artificial heart just like Tony Stark(Tony hawk best friend)? haha

  3. Sam says:

    Cool, good job on the mascot!

  4. villain says:

    That’s a cool looking bird!

    As for name, how about:
    Avro / Avrow
    Speedio / Speedeo

    For more ideas, try http://www.seventhsanctum.com/generate.php?Genname=superheronameorg or google for “superhero name generator”.

    Btw, here’s a funny video about capes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M68ndaZSKa8

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