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LiteSpeed Here We Come

Tomorrow our first server will see it’s switch over to LiteSpeed.  We choose Jupiter as it has the least users making it the most logical choice as the first server in production to be switched over.  We do not anticipate … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up The CDP Server

It’s another day another exciting task for me to do at Hawk Host 😉 When we were investigating the corruption problem on the CDP server I noticed we did not really have backups spread out well or in some cases … Continue reading

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We’re Switching to LiteSpeed

It’s official after our internal testing of LiteSpeed for the past week or so we’ve decided we’re going to be switching all our servers to use the LiteSpeed web server.  From our testing it is significantly faster and also uses … Continue reading

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Wolverine Blades

I was browsing the Internet today and I came across the most random post on a forum about wolverine blades.  The person posted this picture: So everyone is asking what is up with that foot?  I am even sort of … Continue reading

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.BIZ Only $5

Right now we’re offering the .BIZ TLD for only $5 for the first year.  This is an excellent deal to get your hands on this quality gTLD domain.  So if your site does not currently have the .biz TLD registered … Continue reading

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Interesting Week

It’s been an interesting week at Hawk Host to say the least.  Even for me personally it’s been a tough week with various things going wrong.  I’m going to quickly run through my week and all that has happened. The … Continue reading

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Should We Switch To LiteSpeed?

At Hawk Host we’re always looking at using technology to have an advantages over our competitors.  Over the past few years LiteSpeed has been gaining in popularity and has even been catching on with web hosts.  It is fully compatible … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane”

WordPress 2.7 code named Coltrane has been released.  We just upgraded our blog and I’m liking the new look in the admin area and also it seems to be taking fewer clicks to get things done.  It’s really nice that … Continue reading

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Small Hawk Host Migration

This afternoon I switched some things on the Hawk Host site mostly to do with non customer facing things.  The big one was I switched the server the site runs on and the IP address as well.  This was mostly … Continue reading

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yum Frozen

We’ve had a few users report that yum is frozen on their VPS’s.  Usually ones running cPanel and I figured it was worth a quick post about how to solve it.  The problem is usually the rpm database has become … Continue reading

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