Making the Most out of Suspended Accounts

Like every web host we have customers who do not cancel their hosting and simply do not pay.  In some cases they just forget about their site altogether and as a result their users see a suspended page.  For the longest time we just left up a generic cPanel suspension page for our shared hosting customers.  As time as past I thought to myself why don’t we take advantage of this.  The majority of the customers suspended will not be coming back.  We leave sites suspended for up to a month before we terminate them so we need to get something out of that.  So I figured it was time we do it and we threw up a suspended page that resembles our site and also links a support contact page.  Since we put it up it’s brought us numerous new visitors who would not have heard of us if it was not for that suspended page.  The suspended page has also probably resulted in some sign ups as well.  I now understand why lots of hosts are now putting ad’s on their suspended pages due to just the sheer amount of traffic it does generate.

So for any of our resellers or even competitor of ours make sure you have non generic suspended pages up!  It will increase your traffic and also in some rare cases result in the user paying their overdue invoice.

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