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Zend Framework 1.7

Just a quick note on the blog I’ve went ahead and updated all our servers to have Zend Framework 1.7.  It was released on the 17th but we let these things sit for at least a week in case of … Continue reading

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Syncing The DNS Cluster

As I mentioned a month ago we were moving our DNS systems more in house as we now have the luxury of using multiple data centers where we host our web and VPS servers.  It only made sense for us … Continue reading

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Cracking Down on Shout Boxes

Shout boxes have been an increasing headache for us the past 6 months or so.  As they continue to become more popular they continue to cause more and more problems for us.  It has come to a point now where … Continue reading

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Cheap Hosting Accounts Users Do Not Renew?

A year ago we offered a deal where a user could sign up for $5.95/yr on a plan that was actually being sold for $5.95/month.  At the time lots of users said it was an amazing deal and we had … Continue reading

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Making the Most out of Suspended Accounts

Like every web host we have customers who do not cancel their hosting and simply do not pay.  In some cases they just forget about their site altogether and as a result their users see a suspended page.  For the … Continue reading

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New Computer Built

I ordered computers parts last week to upgrade from my aging dual core opteron 165 with 2gb ram to a quad core with 4gb ram.  Well after it taking me from Wednesday to Friday to build the machine it’s finally … Continue reading

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Server Status E-Mails

Recently its been brought to our attention that not everyone knows how we handle server updates (planned maintenance, emergencies, etc) and as a result they’re noticing brief chunks of downtime with no explanation. We post every little thing that may … Continue reading

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New VPS machine in Texas!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve purchased a machine in Texas for our Virtual Private Servers. This means you can now choose which location you would rather be in (the other being Washington DC). The new “Raptor” machine is just … Continue reading

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