Wow Addiction

World of Warcraft is a pretty interesting game with so many people being addicted to it.  Today I came across an article that I just could not at least spread the word about.  There is a person who has 36 world of warcraft accounts which is costing him $5711 a year!  I played the game for a bit got to level 60 and just sort of stopped playing it.  The expansion came out and I bought that of course and I got sick of leveling after I reached about level 64.  The game was just to time consuming for me and I had better things to do with my time such as maybe running Hawk Host.

So you wish to know more about the ‘wow whore’ as he’s been dubbed well here’s a picture of his accounts

It must take some serious skill to play on the accounts so here’s a screenshot of his setup:

Well that’s about it with this post if you want to read more about this person check out the original article at ripten WoW Whore Has 36 Accounts, Raids by Himself

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