Small Update

Things have been quiet the past week or so with nothing to really report.  So I figured I’d post what little information I have about things as they stand.

The subversion and trac integration is on the majority of our 32bit machines now running without issue.  Unfortunately we do not have it on 64bit machines yet so we cannot officially announce it.  We hope that the developers have 64bit issues worked out soon.

We just deployed a new machine Saturn as of today.  It’s slighter slower than skyline and neptune as they run 2.66ghz processors.  This one is running at 2.5ghz so it’s not a huge difference at all and this is only due to the stock of the processors.  This machine is in Dallas Texas, but we expect we’re going to need another in Washington DC within a month as well.  So things are really expanding for us as we keep on top of things with the large amount of new accounts we add each month.

I guess on a side note a small project (well actually huge) is our attempt at a web host management system currently named vezoz.  Right now I’d say it is about half way from being ready and I hope we have a limited release early 2009.  We hope for it to eventually replace all these systems we’re forced to use.  The end plan is to also offer it as a paid solution just like the others out there.  The big difference in our system is it was built from the ground intended to be very object oriented and address all the problems we encounter as well as others with current systems.  Right now there is a forum up for the system where we’re posting some things on it mostly making use of the bug tracker.  But as things get closer to a release date I’m sure it’ll become much more active and there will be a lot more members posting on the forum.

So that’s my small update for now 🙂

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3 Responses to Small Update

  1. mistermartin75 says:

    Sounds really cool, the web host management system!

    Looking forward to seeing the cPanel plugin, hopefully it’s up before my account expires (I’ve got some time left). Good to hear al 32bit systems already have it! It’s a really exclusive plugin, I believe.

  2. Tony says:

    It’s part of Rvskin ( problem is it’s by no means easy to setup even with the integration. There are just so many configurations and potential issues. The majority of our machines we ended up compiling everything ourselves and used the installer purely for integration.

  3. mistermartin75 says:

    I’ve noticed (just installed it myself). Definitely not an easy thing to install, but once it has been installed, it works nicely 🙂 Furtunately the people at RVSkin are very keen to help everybody install this (I noticed on their forums).

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